NASFAT youth wing Amir emerges Lagos State best primary School teacher of the Year


The NASFAT Youth Wing Amir (Worldwide) and Lagos State University graduate of Islamic Studies Education Bro. Ibrahim Ismail Abiodun, has emerged as the best primary School teacher of the year in Lagos S2tate.

 Bro. Ibrahim Ismail Abiodun,

Bro. Ibrahim Ismail Abiodun,

He currently teaches all subjects in a Primary School under Lagos SUBEB.

Mr Ibrahim was rewarded with a brand new saloon car by the Lagos State Government.

The award was presented to him earlier on Tuesday by the State Universal Basic Education Board at it’s office in Mende, Maryland.


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  1. Abdulfatah Babatunde

    Wait o! We no be say all panel of Justice picking the best teacher of the year in Lagos State dey do ojoro? Why na Muslim, Muslim de emerge efry year? Last year, na one hijab sister win am, this year sef, na one aafaa. Kilode gan? CAN must investigate ooo

  2. Abdulfatah Babatunde

    Haba! I think we should investigate the panel of justice that are picking the overall best teacher in Lagos state to know if they are not biased. Abi na only Muslims dey teach for Lagos? Last year, na Hijab sister won the best teacher, this year again, Muslim brother! Na arrangey abi na padi-padi them dey take am do? CAN brothers in Christ, over to you. You must investigate before they Islamise Lagos education ooooo.. (I can’t laugh alone please)

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