My Country, with very docile and gullible followers


…so easy to manipulate by politicians

….Last two weeks 28 Nigerians died. They died from Road Accidents, Carnage and mindless slaughter; 5 underage girls were reportedly raped by adults; a young lady was killed by her boyfriend for fun. Kidnap reported was about 6 if you scan the tabloids. Several Nigerians lost their jobs.

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But what did we all focus upon? What made it to the news? A dog named after a neighbours father, then named after a President and then his arrest and detention. It was news! Why was it? Simple: it had a dimension that catches our attention; Ethnicity, Intolerance and primordial sentiments (and we discussed it extensively)… That same week some persons were murdered in communal strife in the South East. What again made the news and headlines: a herds man that killed a religious leader.

We were tempted to discuss the Zamfara killings and blasphemy. But we stopped when we learnt that no Christians were killed. It mattered little to many that 8 humans died. The Zamfara Governor either callously or understanding our love of hysteria doused tensions by stating ‘No Christians’ died.

CAN also discussed the visit of Mr John Kerry. John Kerry is a Christian and from one of the most visible defender of the Christian faith. Yet it made news. How?, Because he visited the Sultan. FFK even took time to write a meaningless tirade about it. He only remembers he is a Christian when there is mileage to be made out of it. When his buying Range Rovers for Omo Pupa from money he allegedly stole from the Ministry of Aviation or got from Campaign, his christian virtues disappear.

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That is why we will remain largely at the mercy of the Political Class. Who is following the revelations of billions collected by the NASS? Who cares? But wait till Aisha Buhari goes to Damascus; then the Hercules Poirot amongst us will take the social media waves.

Nigeria, my Country. A very docile and gullible followers. So easy to govern and manipulate by Politicians!

By Ademola H Adigun

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