Muslims tasked on beneficial knowledge, excellence


Muslims across Nigeria have been urged to seek beneficial knowledge that remains the only way to live a meaningful and fulfilled life.

An Islamic Cleric, Sheik Saheed Murtadha gave this charge while speaking on a topic themed, “Sustaining the Heritage” at the Qur’an Graduation of Baitul Qur’an Li Ta’aleem Wa Tahfeez and the Launching of an Islamic Montessori school, the GuidedSouls in Osogbo, Osun State.

Murtadha posited that knowledge is the major heritage of Islam and urged Muslims to seek knowledge with the sole purpose of worshipping Allah and seeking His pleasure.

He implored Muslims to acquire both modern education and Islamic knowledge, noting that only knowledgeable Muslims can practice Islam successfully without falling into extremism.

“We must know that the sole legacy of Islam to the world is knowledge, a beneficial one indeed. It was Islam that ruled the world in the middle ages with beneficial knowledge when Andalusia Spain was the centre of global education and knowledge.

“For instance, most pioneering universities across the globe – in Morocco, Egypt, Spain etc were established by the Muslims. Princes, princesses and eminent men across Europe visited the Islamic Spain and other Islamic universities to meet scholars of various disciplines with a view to acquiring the contemporary knowledge of that era.

“Islam for instance, discovered modern numerals, alphabets and pioneered knowledge in sciences, medicine, geography, mathematics, arts, literature, philosophy among others”.

In a remark, the Proprietor of the school, “GuidedSouls Montessori”, Ustaz AbdulHafeez Busari stated the importance of Montessori education in a child’s life.

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He explained that, with Montessori, children would be developed spiritually and intellectually without affecting their social and cultural values. He also explained that Montessori would sharpen pupils intellect and enable them take decisions with minimal guidance.

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