Muslims In The Witness Box

Till when shall we continue to shift our blames on others when we are guilty of what they do too? Till when shall we complain of untrained and ignorant youths being converted to other folds when Muslim parents fail to teach them Islām?

IslamTill when shall we continue to drop our problem of poverty at the doorsteps of Allah (SWT) when our fellow rich men are dying in luxury and abundant riches?

Our catalogues of complaints are no more acceptable when we gave the guns to our foes to pull the trigger.

Since we have failed to live by Islām; and further fail to invite others to it or emulate our good ways, we should now learn from them to see where they have surpassed us.

Without mincing words, they have become more proactive and even vehement in preaching their messages by all means and channels. They have built structures (IES, etc) that will survive them for sometimes.

They have controlled and modulated  the media and the politics to dance to their tunes while their preachers have mastered the psychology and cosmetics of presentation.

Their finances are constant with teaming tithe payers; their higher institutions make policies, which sustain their vision.

For example every student in a universities like BABCOCK must attend the Saturday worship; Muslims there are forced to attend too and no media will ever report it as being unconstitutional. The measures are more stringent in BOWEN and COVENANT universities); they are more responsive to projects than Muslims, etc.

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Let us leave aside the fake miracles, the luxurious life style of the leaders, non-scriptural practices, etc. The fact remains that most of us do not live for Islām. We are cowardly to profess our faith.

Some Muslims ignorantly imitate those outside the fold of Islām and thus become like them.

It is difficult these days to distinguish a Muslim from a non-Muslim because both are guilty of corruption, embezzlement, fornication and the likes. True Islām is not in the name you bear or its mere profession.

It is in the conscious upholding of its tenets wherever you find yourself. You require a steadfastness that can never be defeated by the blackmail of falsehood.

You need to drink from the spring of Islām that can only cleanse your inner self from all immoralities. The time has come for us to return to Islām.

As a Muslim, you must realise that you are not like any other human being. Your way of life is distinct in all ways. Your religious values influence all that you do. This value orientation is what restrains you from engaging in some other things people do.

This is why you must seek every available opportunity to learn and comprehend your Islām and the wisdom or reason for its practices and precepts.

Your mind should be willing to accept superior arguments as regards why you should be ideological in your personality. To regain our glory, we need Khilāfah.

This is distant for now but we must work towards it; the number of years it takes is immaterial. We must follow the road-map of Rasuul  (the Prophet) in salvaging humanity.

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First, we need strong and unflinching faith (aqeedah). The Prophet (SAW) began his reconstruction by first building men who prefer Hereafter to this world. Your aqeedah propels your action.

Its depth and strength tells how you will influence the world.  The requirement of Islamic Aqeedah is that you be devoted to Allah (SWT) at all times. You must serve Him through everything you do.

There is no free time to waste. Every second is part of your accountability. You wake up every morning to serve Allah (SWT) and sleep at night thinking that you may not come back to this world.

You must shun all that run contrary to your aqeedah. After the aqeedah, brotherhood was established. The pillars of Islām set this foundation.

We must come together as Muslims as we do in our Salāt. We must team up as we do during Hajj.

We must exercise discipline as we do during Ramadān fast. We must be wefaristic as we obligatorily pay our Zakāt. We must look at Islām from its global goal rather than from our myopic mosque or organization or society.

The global trends today are synergy in virtually everything. Even those who fight Islām, they team up through diabolical and clandestine international organs to do so.  Muslims must unite and there is no part two or back seat to that.

Then, we must train Muslims, especially the youths to live Islām as a way of life. They should be ideologically committed to Islām.

They should be trained with modern technology through the windows of Qur’ān wa Sunnah to call to Islām.  Every Muslim must proactively take up the task of inviting all human beings to Islām.

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While doing this, we must exercise patience, improve our spirituality, read about the early Muslims and be steadfast.

All the above we have to do as Allah (SWT) will ask us in the hereafter. The consequence of not doing it is the ignominy we suffer today as Muslims.

“But Whosoever turns away from My Reminder (i.e. neither believes in this Qur’ân nor acts on its orders, etc.) Verily, for him is a life of hardship, and we shall raise him up blind on the Day of Resurrection.” (20:124)

But if we can make little effort and live as true Muslims, Allah (SWT) will surely crown our efforts with success in this world and paradise in the hereafter.
By Adeniyi O.Z. (PhD)

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