MSSN, UNILAG tango: DSA assures Muslim students of congress

The Dean of Students Affairs at the University of Lagos, Prof. Tunde Babawale, has assured the Muslim students of the institution that a  congress will be convened on Thursday, March 26 to resolve all outstanding issues of the MSSN, UNILAG branch.

Prof. Tunde Babawale, (2nd Right), the Dean Students Affairs of the University of Lagos, addressing the protesting Muslims students of the institution.

Prof. Tunde Babawale, (2nd Right), the Dean Students Affairs of the University of Lagos, addressing the protesting Muslims students of the institution.

Addressing hundreds of protester at the frontage of the University Students Affairs Division, Babawale noted that further steps would be taken on how to restore the activities of the association.

The DSA refuted claims that some  staff advisers and members of the review committee were imposed  on the Muslim students.
“It is not true that the committee was imposed on MSSN, that committee emerged from all groups and tendencies, which are to be represented in the committee and also faculties were represented too,”  Babawale said.
He said the delay in lifting ban on the society’s activities, was due to late submission of report  by the committee, saying  “the report was submitted last week Tuesday”.
He also addressed the issue of staff adviser, saying if the association had anything against him, there is a procedure for impeaching the adviser.
DSA said that he had never received any letter of complaint against the student adviser.
He promised to call a congress on or before Tuesday to address the Muslim student on campus.
“The management is not interested in stampeding or demobilising MSSN and its activities. A general assembly will be organised next week,” he assured.
The Renaissance reports that members of the MSSN,  UNILAG branch, had on Wednesday, protested earlier today to show their grievances to the school management.
The peaceful protest which started at the mosque frontage at about 8:00am with briefing by one of the student explaining the situation of things and series of happenings in the association.
The protest was led one of the members of MSSN simply identified as Tajudeen.
He explained that series of events had transpired between the association, school management and the staff adviser since the association’s activities were suspended, adding that it was an unjustifiable for the university management to put the activities of the association on hold.
Tajudeen explained the crisis started about two years ago during the Faruq Tunde de-Musodiqs regime, when some students wrote an anonymous letter to the management, claiming the association had sidelined them.
This was followed by series of other letters and the then executives were summoned. One year after, during the regime of Abdurrasheed Adeoye, the school set up a panel to look into the matter.
The panel was headed by Luqman Adams and a conclusion that the new regime be allowed to end its administration was reached.
Thereafter, the bye-law was to be reviewed before the next set of executives, this was done and presented during a congress where 116 votes was for the adoption of the review and only 23 were against it.
But to the amusement of all, the university management did not follow the adoption, it rather upheld the views of minority against the majority. “Tthis is an obvious injustice,” Tajudeen said.
He further lamented that the association’s activities had been on hold for over 125 days, after the the executives had been forced to hand over on Sept. 9, 2015 while the DSA  promised that fresh election would be held in January 2016.
“Its 125 days after the executive of the association was forced to hand over and 44 days after the promised time for a new election,” he lamented.
Placard carrying Muslims students of the University of Lagos, protesting continued ban on MSSN activities at the institution.

Placard carrying Muslims students of the University of Lagos, protesting continued ban on MSSN activities at the institution.

Meanwhile the protest, which lasted one hour 30 minutes, had males and females students trooped out in multitude to express their displeasure over the continued ban on the MSSN’s activities.

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The protesting students carried placards with various inscriptions such as  “#BringBackMSSNUNILAG”, “Let MSSN  enjoy what other clubs enjoy”,
“44 days of oppression”, “VC come to our rescue”, “U promised January, this is March”, “Return my original MSSN”, “This is getting too late” and “DSA enough is enough”.
Other placards read, “Dr. Ismail Musa and Prof Murtada Bidmus, leave us alone”, “Prof let us be and not hand us over to the Shia movement”, “44 days of unfulfilled promises”, “we say no to discrimination, let MSSN  be”, “VC uphold our right“, “Prof. Bidmus hands off MSSN-UNILAG” and “MSSN, a student body vested interest, keep off”.
The students leader, in his speech directed at the DSA said, “we no longer want Dr. Musa as our staff adviser, we want the congress to be called to address the student; what is happening on or before 72 hours, we want Muslim student to decide their executives, who rules the affair of the society; we don’t want imposed leadership and let MSSN  enjoy what other societies are enjoying on campus.
“Prof. Bidmus should please stay aside and not hand over the society to the shia movement. The VC should please come to our rescue.
“This is long overdue we are oppressed. This is a great injustice and we cannot continue to keep mute out of this injustice to the Muslim student,” he said.
One of the protesting students, Akande Dhikrah, lamented that the activities of MSSN have been on hold since September last year and that that was why she was out to show her grievance.
She complained, citing about the Qur’an memorisation, which she said has been taking place at amphitheater due to the ban on MSSN activities at the mosque.
Another student, Halimah Adesanya, also lamented the academic counselling seminar, leadership training , the year one orientation week and other activities of the association that keeps the Muslim student spiritually and morally upright, have been banned,” she said.
“We want all our programmes back , the dsa should please keep to his word by addressing the issue and she also urged all Muslim students to make it a date with the dsa to adopt or reject the bye law to enable things move on with the association,” Adesanya said.
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