MSSN tasks govt on education and security

The Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN), Oshodi Area Council of Lagos says continuous enlightenment remains the only panacea to address the growing security challenges in Nigerian schools.

Dr Shaeed Afolabi Ashafa, Amir (President) of the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN) in Lagos State.

Dr Shaeed Afolabi Ashafa, Amir (President) of the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN) in Lagos State.

Engr. AbdulRauf Badru, chairman of the society said at an education summit organised by the MSSN on Wednesday in Lagos that government must step up efforts to improve security in schools across the country.

He said the was necessary in order put an end to all forms of criminal acts related to schooling in the country.

Badru emphasised that the security and well being of students in public schools in Nigeria and Lagos State, in particular, was of paramount importance to all.

“Events in the recent times has made it imperative that all sincere and concerned stakeholders in the education sector must explore all avenues to improve the security and well being of students.

“This is necessary as to forestall a recurrence of the ugly cases of students kidnap, cultism, rape and other vices we all had to battle.

“The Igbonla kidnap saga and daylight sexual assault on students in Lagos Island are memories better forgotten,” Badru said.

He also lamented the growing influence of cultism and drug abuse amongst students, noting that all stakeholders in the education sector must work together to address this ugly trend.

“More importantly, increased number of initiation of secondary school students to cultism coupled with an alarming trend of drug abuse amongst young Lagosians are all worrisome developments.

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“TGhis ugly trend should spur well-meaning individuals and groups to action.

“What is the essence of building a greater Lagos when those who hold the key to its future are immersed in cultism, drug abuse and other social vices.

“Those who lure and initiate the not too discerning students into this vicious circle of crime are not spirits, they dwell in the society.

“We must therefore carefully watch and report every odd activity in our neighbourhood to the appropriate authorities.”

In his lecture titled: “Re-engineering Nigeria’s Educational Sector to combat Security Challenges”, a guest speaker Dr Mutiu Qaseem of the Lagos State University, commended the Lagos State Government for beefing up security in public schools across the state.

He, however, noted that the perennial problems of poor funding, lack of continuous training of teachers and inadequate learning facilities remains the bane of the education sector in Nigeria.

He, therefore, called for a more robust and planned approach towards the nation’s educational development to produce, not just graduates, but skilled manpower needed to drive the economy of the country  within the precinct of a safe school environment.

By Say Ramoni

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