Meet the Mentally Retarded President With Shithole Brain

On Thursday 11/01/2018, while meeting with congressional leaders at the White House, to iron out his immigration policy, without any provocation, Mr. Donald Trump referred to Africans as “People from shithole countries”.

Of course, as one would expect, following this disparaging comment on Africans, there has been a global outrage, with unequivocal condemnation of the insane President. To call Africans, “people from shithole countries”, is manifestly racist, ignorant, irresponsible, vulgar, vile, abhorrent, morally repugnant, and unbecoming of any decent human being, let alone a supposed “president” of the United States of America.

It is beyond any doubt that Donald Trump is not only an ill informed racist thug, the man is clearly mentally ill, and needs immediate psychiatric assistance. He has the brain of a fish, and the IQ of a newborn baby!

Despite the plundering of Africa by European colonial thieves and other opportunists, and the subsequent plundering of its resources and subjugation of its peoples by corrupt leaders, Africa still remains the richest continent on the planet. The Peoples Democratic Republic of Congo alone has more natural resources than the entire United States of America.

For a mentally retarded semi-illiterate trash, like Donald Trump, who can hardly read or write, to call Africans “people from shithole countries” is just laughable. Statistics released by the USA government shows that 61.4% of all Nigerian immigrants in the USA who are 25 years old or above, have at least Bachelor degrees or higher, compared to 28.5% of Americans. This meas, Nigerian immigrants in the USA are more than twice as educated as Americas. You will find Nigerians well established in all fields on human endeavour, from rocket science, medicine, automobile design to law enforcement. The chief design engineer at Chevrolet, is Nigeria’s very own Aliyu, from Sokoto State. There are over 100,000 Nigerian medical doctors practicing medicine in the USA. Nigeria’s contribution to the USA economy cannot be overstated.

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To cut long story short, it was the millions of fine Africans, who were brutally uprooted from the comfort of their homes, and taken to America as slaves, who built the infrastructure that led to the industrialisation of the USA. Without the free slave labour of African’s, America won’t be where it is today.

Donald Trump is a sick and evil man. He is a danger not only to the USA, but to the rest of the world. The earlier that this misogynist barbarian gets impeached and sent to jail where he belongs, the better for all.

Thanks God, the good British people, overwhelmingly rejected his planned visit to the country this year. God riddance to bad rubbish!

May God bless Africa and Africans. Amen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.

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