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Display Pictures popularly known as DP became a household name at the advent of BlackBerry Messenger. Many BBM users became obsessed with questions relating to what picture to use as DP and the appropriate gif picture animations too.

Mr Yusuf Jimoh Aweda, founder of the

Mr Yusuf Jimoh Aweda, founder of the

The founder of the, Mr Yusuf Jimoh Aweda, revealed this in an interview with The Renaissance on Saturday in Lagos.
The blogger said that he has been able to redefine the modern time of doing an electronic dawah in the world using textual, cartoon and animated display pictures through the
Aweda founded the blog seven years ago, having realised that one of the thoughts behind the social consciousness of internet users at the time was images and animations for DP and social media posts.
He said: “As the social media applications were growing, people are pre-occupied with what images to use for DP and posts.
“Some Muslims would use random pictures of musicians and erratic image contents as their DP. I was always bordered seeing all of these.
“One day, I sat in my room and thought of creating a DP blog that would answer the quest of  Muslims’ need to use Islamic image contents on the social media.
“I felt if a Muslim uses a cartoon or textual DP driving a beautiful hadith about ensuring peacefulness in a community and loving one’s neighbours, another user that might be alien to Islam or may have a wrong understanding about Islam may see the image on the DP area of the  user, and this would change their perspective about Islam, and we can begin to have a tranquil world we want.
DPIslam 1“Also, DP Islam blog also does project instructional contents in the Quran and the Sunnah.
“It teaches people the etiquettes of Islam, adhkar, hilarious family cartoon scenes,  dua, Islamic quotations and more.
“At present, there are over 400 images on the blog, that cover all of these categories.”
When the blogger was asked about how the blog became an internationally recognised blog, where visitors all over the world visit for Islamic DPs, he said the blog became popular in 2014, when he introduced Ramadan days and Dua images.
“The Ramadan days and dua images are the most downloaded, used and visited images on the blog.
“In fact, many other top Muslim and non-Muslim websites in the world upload our images on their sites to serve the curiosity of their audience in the month of Ramadan.
“The blog’s backend google analytics show that the top visitors are from Nigeria, United States of America, India, UK, Ghana, South Africa, UAE, Italy and Russia.
“I remain grateful to Allah for His barakah on the blog and how it has impacted the world positively,” Aweda said.
On his advice for upcoming Muslims who may want to start blogging like the DP, he said the most important thing in any endeavour, on the path of Islam “is to have good intention to please Allah and Allah alone, even if no one subscribes to it yet.”
According to him, once one is sure of one’s effort is for Allah, then, the rest is simple, the passion would keep growing to do more and Allah would make the effort illustrious if He wills.
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