MDAs execute N156bn projects in Abuja


No fewer than 1,719 different projects, costing N155.98 billion, were executed by 45 ministries, departments and agencies in the Federal Capital Territory in 2014, according to a report.

The figures are contained in the `Mapping of Capital Projects in the 2014 Federal Government of Nigeria Budget’ produced by the National Assembly Budget and Research Office (NABRO).

According to the report, while some of the projects were new, others were on-going.

However, the report did not give details on the extent of the execution of the projects but outlined what project belonged to which MDA.

In the overview, the reports state: “In the Fiscal Year 2014, 45 MDAs had capital projects specific to the FCT totalling the sum of N158.98 billion to be spent on 1,719 projects, including on-going and new projects.

“The MDA, with the highest allocation for capital projects, is the Federal Capital Territory Administration Authority, which proposed to spend an estimated N30.4 billion (or 19.5 per cent of the total) followed by Defence, N24.6 billion (or 15.80 per cent).

“Contrast these to the capital project expenditure on education involving 151 projects at N5.5 billion or 3.52 per cent, Health, N4.6 billion or 2.95 per cent involving 75 projects and Agriculture, N1.04 billion or 0.67 per cent involving only 46 projects.

“A total of 33 MDAs with their headquarters in the FCT spent another N127.27bn on 1,254 headquarter projects. The total capital projects allocation for the FCT /Headquarters is estimated at N283.3bn for 2,973 distinct projects in the 2014 Appropriation Act.”

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Adding the headquarters projects with the other projects in the Federal Capital Territory brings the total allocation for projects in the FCT to N283.3 billion.

Dissecting the projects into frame of time , showed that a total of 1,484 projects had been initiated in the past while a total of 1,421 were tagged as new projects. Another 68 projects were tagged as undefined.

Some of the projects in the Ministry of Communications Technology, for instance, included completion of Citizens Information Centre, N600m; outsourcing contract for Government Contact Centre, N200 million and rehabilitation of Wuse Annex Office, N40 million.

At the Office of Auditor General, the projects included purchase of motor vehicle, N550,342,700; purchase of office furniture and fittings, N372,874,160; purchase of computers, N141,393,442; purchase of computer printers, N7,368,950; research and development, N110,201,102 and monitoring and evaluation, N435,758,658.

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