Crisis looms as FUTA MSSN Amir allegedly disrupts Ramadan programme outside campus

The Federal University of Technology (FUTA)

An appeal has gone to the authorities of the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA), the Nigeria Police Force and relevant authorities to urgently caution the leadership of the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN), FUTA branch to prevent a break down of law and order.

The Muslim Student Society of Nigeria (MSSN) FUTA branch

The Muslim Student Society of Nigeria (MSSN) FUTA branch

Mallam Is’haq Abdulbasit, the Coordinator of the Standard Bearers Islamic Organisation (SBIO), Ondo State Unit, made the appeal on Thursday in Akure.

Abdulbasit alleged that the Amir (President) of the FUTA MSSN, AbdulWasii Tirmidhi, left his domain (campus) to personally disrupt one of their Ramadan Tafseer (lectures).

Mallam Is'haq Abdulbasit, the Ondo State Coordinator of the Standard Bearers Islamic Organisation (SBIO).

Mallam Is’haq Abdulbasit, the Ondo State Coordinator of the Standard Bearers Islamic Organisation (SBIO).

According to him, Tirmidhi, who is a 400 level student in the Department of Civil Engineering, on Friday June 23, rudely intruded and disrupted the SBIO’s daily Tafseer held outside the campus.

He said Tirmidhi claimed his organisation (MSSN ) could not accommodate the vibrancy of the Standard Bearers and felt threatened by the non-fanatical programmes of the SBIO in the community.

“The Amir in his usual lawless manner threatened to cause bodily harm and inflict physical injuries on anyone who identifies with the SBIO and its programmes, despite the fact that the Ramadan Tafseer was held at our Secretariat, located at Mercy of God Lodge, FUTA West-Gate, Akure,” the coordinator said.

He also alleged that the Amir stormed the Secretariat with three bodyguards who are also students of FUTA.

“We later got to know that the bodyguards were members of Taekwondo and Kung-Fu team of the University.

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The Renaissance gathered that Tirmidhi who attended the lecture as a guest requested for the microphone just to greet the audience before leaving the venue, only to seize the opportunity to rain abuses on the audience, including the guests, threatening them to expect worse treatment soonest.

“The Amir who arrived with a pleasant, welcoming and smiling face, greeted and shook hands with the lecturer of the day, pretentiously requested for the microphone to greet the audience before he took his leave.

“As a peace-loving organisation, we granted him the request as an honour to the organisation he represents but we were surprised when he started uttering something else, contrary to his earlier promise.

“But to our surprise and indignation, he began to foment trouble, saying a lot of innuendos and fabricated lies about our organisation and its programmes. He also called us a deviant association.

“He also called us a deviant association.

“Tirmidhi, against the ethics of Islam, disrespectfully attacked the revered personalities among the guests and the audience.

“He further threatened that, should they refuse to desist from attending our organisation, they should be prepared to face the consequences.

“He also funnily asked us to either subject our organisation to the control of MSSN or stop all our activities. Is that not funny.

“One of our members who was taken aback by the Amir’s show of shame even asked, if he was calling to Islam or to MSSN, but he rather took the question as a take-away assignment,” Basit said.

Abdulbasit explained that his organisation, SBIO, was a registered one with national outlook and branches across the country, insisting that the wish of the Amir is a mere wishful thinking and a tall order that is not obtainable.

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The Renaissance gathered that the lecturer of the Ramadan Tafseer for the day, Mallam Abdulbasit Ishaq, tried to explain to Tirmidhi that Standard Bearers does not operate inside FUTA. He equally told him that, contrary to his erroneously held belief, SBIO was not established to counter the MSSN FUTA programmes; but he refused to reckon with the explanation.

He equally told him that, contrary to his erroneously held belief, SBIO was not established to counter the MSSN FUTA programmes; but he refused to reckon with the explanation.

Appeal to authorities

The SBIO Coordinator, therefore, called on security agencies and the authorities of FUTA in particular, to use their good offices to restrain Tirmidhi and his gang from disturbing SBIO., stressing that they (members of SBIO) shall not tolerate future interference, harassments and threats’ in the affairs of their organisation, either from the Amir or any member of his gang.

He stressed that members of SBIO would not tolerate furhter interference, harassments and threats in its affairs, either from the Amir or any  of his gang.

“We as a law abiding association do take the threat very seriously and are prepared within the ambit of the law to defend ourselves and exercise our freedom of worship and association.

“We also deem it expedient to bring this infraction to the knowledge of the relevant authorities before it degenerates to a situation that will disturb the peace and tranquillity of the society.

Basit also urged security agencies to be wary of the usual display of lawlessness and extremist tendencies of Tirmidhi and his colleagues, which have frequently sets him and the MSSN against the Muslim Community, School authorities and the constituted authorities.

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Meanwhile, when contacted through telephone and WhatsApp, the Amir, MSSN FUTA declined to comment on the allegations, despite several entreaties and persuasion that as a reputable medium, the news story has to be balanced, be objective and fair to all sides.

He wrote: “Do you know I don’t rush in doing anything? I take my things step by step”

As at the time of filing this report, the Amir has refused to respond, even when told that the publication was being delayed to accommodate his response.


From Our Correspondent in Akure

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