Learn how to be creative, Babalakin tells Nigerian leaders


 The Chairman of the sixth convocation lecture of the Osun State University, Osogbo, Dr. Wale Babalakin, has advised the Nigerian leaders to learn how to manage resources and to be creative, saying that it is the only way to upturned our economic recession.

 Babalakin gave this remarked during the convocation lecture of the institution in Osogbo on Wednesday.
He explained that the age of administer in Nigeria are now gone and what we have to do is to create resources and is going to be involved in the fundamental change in the way we are groomed.
He noted that what our leaders lay more emphasis on was to share resources but not how to create resources and that is why we have found ourselves where we are today.
“I hope we would take from the pieces of the guest speaker that we need to be very creative if we are going to get out of the moral which  we have found ourselves,” he added.
He stressed that our leaders  have to bring out the intellectual work to the fore front and enable creativity.
He said we can sit down and hope that there is enough  to share, but there isn’t a lot to share but there is enough  to share if we born creative.
I am not the guest speaker but have only come here to support the council, chairman of the council, vice chancellor and the guest lecturer.
He urged Nigerian to  put an end to era of sharing resources,we have to learn on how to manage resources,create wealth and  learn how to put scholarship in front and put a stop into corruption.

The guest lecturer,Prof.Olufemi Bamiro while delivering his lecture entitled “Making A World Class University In A Depressed Economics”said every higher institution required leadership and expertise capable of participation.

He noted that good governance system has important role to play,most especially in crystallizing a strategic plan towards the realization of the institutional vision and mission goals,which provide the platform for the transformation to world-class university.
He further stated that the transformative process will engender fundamental changes,and managing change in an institution.
From Saheed Adeyemi, Osogbo.


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