LASG gives hope to job seekers


Unemployed Nigerians residing in Lagos, Southwest Nigeria may soon find themselves gainfully employed.

This is because the Eko Job Center, private-public partnership recruitment and employment initiative have been launched in the nation’s commercial capital.
The initiative seeks to resolve employment-related issues by bridging the gap between employers and employees in Lagos State.
Available statistics show that between seventeen and twenty million Nigerians are unemployed. This according to a lawmaker, Folajimi Mohammed, the facilitator of the initiative, is the more reason why the Eko Job Centre will be of tremendous help to job seekers and employers.
Mr Mohammed noted that the project which is in partnership with the Lagos State Ministry for Wealth Creation is the first of its kind in Nigeria and designed to be a centre of hope amongst job seekers as well as provide access to information and advisory services.
The Eko Job Center project will cover all the twenty local government areas in Lagos State with a pilot project already functional at Oshodi-Isolo local government.
The Jobcentre will work to increase employability by offering g training and mentoring services to individuals as well as assist entrepreneurs by providing access to a steady talent pool.
Unemployed Nigerians can now seize the opportunity the initiative offers in a seamless process by logging on to or visit any of the local government areas in the State where prefabricated hubs will be deployed as the direct contact point for job seekers.
By Say Ramoni, Lagos.
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