Ladies, Stop Doing These in the Name of Love

1.  Living in the same room or sleeping on the same bed with a man who has not paid your bride price or wedded you; (this is foolishness).

3.  Wearing the engagement ring of a man who doesn’t even know your parents or house; (You are wasting your time & blocking God’s

4.  Using your boyfriend’s picture as your profile picture on social network, thus blocking serious and potential suitors; (that is a
serious /destiny mistake).

5.  Giving your virginity to a man who has not paid your bride-price. (You have wasted ur glorious destiny & lost your dignity in life).

6.  Cooking food regularly and washing clothes for your boyfriend; (Slavery attitude: that’s starting what you cannot complete even in

7.  Disobeying your parents for the sake of a man you are dating. (It is Stupidity; you are out of your brain).

8.  Giving sex to a man simply because he promised to marry you; (Haba! Are you the oldest woman in this life? It is loss of Honor)

9.  Sending your Unclad pictures to your boyfriend or romantic postures with him either; (shame on you, that is what he will use against you
anytime you said its over).

10.  Why will a boyfriend beat you and you will still be saying that you can not do without him; (hmm, you need deliverance. This is not
love. It is d foundation to a painful future).

11.  When a man keep cheating on you and you still say that you can never quit the relationship, (Hmm, you need prayers ‘cos you’ve
started digging ur grave) .

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Note: Don’t be too desperate in d matter of relationship; as you are desperate to read other numbers, just as you did not notice number
(2) is missing above?

Relationship is more than catching fun now. The Type of Foundation You Lay As a Spinster is What You’ll Build Your Future Home Upon.

By Muhammadul-Awwal Al-Jazau O

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    In fact that is never love but “infatuation”. Love is never blind. How on earth will someone downgrade herself and later become an object of mockery for life! May God let this pass through their ears into their hearts and make sense therein.

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