Ladened Man

With a hammer in the hand they say

Every thing else seems like a nail

With an oft-loaded heart of laden
everything else seems like a burden

Man experiences minute sorrow and wails
Despite the comfort in which he used to sail

Man looses a friend and heavily mourns
He forgets that life in the world’s just a sojourn

He suffers a loss and bitterly complains
Yet he used to make profits, clear ń plain

When he’s nude he seeks for good clothes
When he gets, he’s proud, then bloats

He dashes toes and calls it a bad omen
Paranoid child! That’s his cognomen

Man looses weight admitting he is sick
When he’s robust, yet, medication seeks

Earthling eats bread and still brood
Though, meat had been his constant food

When he’s ill, he asks for God’s mercy
Then he’s well and ignores that God sees

When he’s rich he says “God’s with me”
When he’s broke he cries “God’s left me”

When will man be ever said to have learnt?
That not all with ease for him is meant?

He’s failed to know that every happening,
Is predestined in every one’s destiny

Man to his Lord, is most ungrateful!
And to Him, arrogance is most hateful!

Man carries what’s most heavy of weight
That God, did not upon his head, create

He lives in a world so wide of ways

But constricts himself in it like it’s a drey

O son of Adam, “nosce te ipsum”

Lest you pay by God’s wrath lumpsum

These are written lines to you from AnDré

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Wishing for you man ahead, merry days.
Nathan Alexandre Owolabi.

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