Kuwait executes member of royal family

The emir, Sheikh Faisal Abdullah Al Sabah (L), was found guilty of murdering his nephew Sheikh Basil (R). (Photo courtesy: 24.ae)

Kuwait Government on Wednesday executed a member of its royal family, according to local media reports.

The Emir, Sheikh Faisal Abdullah Al Sabah, was found guilty of murdering his nephew, Sheikh Basil Salem Sabah Al Salem Al Mubarak Al Sabah and was sentenced to death in 2011.

The Emir is among seven people to be executed, including an Ethiopian, a Filipina, two Egyptians and a Bangladeshi, according to Kuwaiti daily Al Rai.

The newspaper reported that the inmates were visited by their family members on Tuesday.

Shaikh Faisal worked as a captain in the Kuwaiti army while Shaikh Basil did not hold an official government position.

SOURCE: Al Arabiya

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