KSA and Reforms: How Nations Fail..


The foolish man who lost his nine children, all at once, to a fire outbreak was found on the day of that sad incident laughing and smiling over a comedy on African Magic by those who came visiting to express their condolences.

A few of those visitors were his silent foes in the extended family who were actually happy to receive the sad news and had come to celebrate his sorrow. They pretended however to share his pain. Thus, they are all at the table arguing and justifying the sad effect of the fire outbreak.

This is perfectly illustrative of our collective reactions to the recent events in the Saudi Mamlakah. As for me, I am getting less concerned about the son of Salman. What interests me now is the thought-system of the youths who claim to love Islam, because this calamitous event has finally exposed the limit of our mental strength.

I am yet to identify which mind is more depraved between that of an hostile friend who comes on facebook to ridicule the kingdom’s fall and that of the intellectually deficient hero worshipper who continues to reason like a twelfth century desert dweller.

When the boy emerged from the lineage conspiracy and I quickly alarmed the world of the fire on the mountain, I received the worst of insults from those who know little or nothing about the kingdom affair and the world around them.

Some people were mischievously happy, while others had defended the throne blindly. I watched, from a distance, as we manifested the parochial tendencies in us. The ignorance was so evident that someone told me he had lived in the kingdom for fifteen years as a student.

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Many a Nigerian, born and reared in Nigeria, who knows nothing about Nigeria, and would certainly learn somethings about Nigeria from a Japanese who has never visited Nigeria.

But wait, if not for sheer stupidity, what could ever make any reasonable Muslim celebrate the fall of the kingdom?

Of course, so far, the kingdom is falling, because what distinguishes the land from other Muslim territories across the world is her public morality. The only nation where scholars have gotten a say in the affair of the state. However, that morality is gradually expiring by the day.

We can’t afford to lose this beautiful heritage!

The kingdom’s religious morality is dying, as policies are reviewed to meet the taste of the time. The scholars are permanently mute. The royalty is dymistified. But, do you know what actually ignited my pen this time around?

The royal kingdom of Saudi Arabia has officially approved the celebration of Maulud Nabiyy, commencing next month! Each day, a new calamity befalls the legacy of Shaykh Muhammad Bn AbdulWahaab.

Saudi Arabia has gotten the wealth of petro-dollars, but what’s the quality of its secular education? There are professors teaching Economics, international law, sociology and finance in the country, but how intellectually efficient are they, compared to their counterparts in Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa?

These lovers of dates and khubz professors are probably those who taught the Crown Prince his own brand of “bole kaja” diplomacy. For how else can we describe the uncultured character of detaining another country’s visiting president and blackmailing him to resign on your territory?

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Indeed, the imminent war between Saudi Arabia and Iran will not be funny. Let’s not pray for it, because Iran is no Yemen or Qatar; and by then, America will play safe. Russia will however take side with its alley – Iran, while you and I will be busy on facebook to argue foolishly and dance nakedly on the believers’ blood.

Poor diplomacy can only breed humiliation and bloodshed. Even a deputy director in the Nigerian ministry of foreign affair would never play such ‘a diplomatic politics’. The exceptional ignorance, exuberance and arrogance of this Crown Prince will certainly cost us a blissful history of tomorrow.

What follows, after the gradual demolition of Sunnah, is the emergence of innovation in large dosses. This is no curse, it’s already happening. And after the so called war on corruption, capitalism emerges, as taught by the West. As we all know, democracy is the soul of capitalism.

But if demoracy is finally planted in the desert land, the legitimacy of our pristine heritage is put to a critical dialogue and we are doom for ever, because even that popular concept of ‘don’t question the leader, even if he sets the holy sanctuary on fire”, will soon become moribund. May Allah forbid.

Anyway, the enemies know their ultimate destination. It’s a long, steady, gradual conspiratorial trip aimed at something. They’ve been to Iraq. They’ve been to Libya. They’ve also been to Syria. In each of these Muslim territories, however, they’ve left tears, anguish, bloodstream and poverty in their wake!

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Even in some of those countries, there is hardly any time again to congregate for five daily prayers, not to talk of any other religious rituals. They failed in Egypt because the Muslim Brotherhood refused to step on the trap – They refused to fight – against the wide expectation that the group is terroristic and rebellious in manhaj.

The enemies’ worry is probably “how can we get into the land of Haramain and launch the final stroke on the body of Islam, without provoking a terrorist outrage from the entire Global Muslim Ummah? It’s safer to use the fool. It’s foolish of course to ever expect your enemies to love you for renouncing your ancestral heritage.

Those who are defending the kingdom’s fall must either go to the market place to buy a brand new thinking brain or borrow one from their Muslim neighbours, while those who see the fall as an opportunity to hit back on the kingdom should rather think beyond this moment of fitnah and start weeping for the Ummah.

By Abu Mazeedatilkhayr Bn Sa’eed

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