Kenyan Police arrest 12 terror suspects at refugee camp

Kenyan Police

Kenyan Police on Tuesday said they interrogated 12 terror suspects, who were rounded up at the Dadaab refugee camp in northeast Kenya.

A security officer in Dadaab confirmed the arrest, saying the 12 were nabbed during a security crackdown on the refugee camp that is mostly settled by refugees from neighbouring Somalia.

Joseph Boinnet, Inspector-General of National Police Service, said the suspects were found to have entered the camp illegally and would be questioned by the anti-terror police.

“Twelve terror suspects have been arrested in Dadaab refugee camp.

“We suspect they could be terrorists,” said Boinnet without giving details of the suspects.

He said one of the suspects has two New Zealand passports in different names.

“We don’t know the motive for now but investigations are ongoing,” said Boinnet.

The Police said the suspects have not registered officially as refugees to warrant their stay at the camp, noting that they believe they could have ulterior motives.

Kenya, which hosted protracted negotiations that culminated in the formation of the transitional federal government of Somalia, said the refugee situation continues to pose security threats to Nairobi and the region, apart from the humanitarian crisis.

The east African nation, which has been planning to close the Dadaab refugee camp, has cited the influence of terror group al-Shabab as among the risks of keeping the camps open.

The arrest came amid enhanced security in the country after al-Shabab terrorists stormed a hotel and business complex in Nairobi on Jan. 15, killing 21 people and injuring several others.

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