Kashoogi’s death: The Explanation is credible…

Jamal Khashoggi

I agree with President Trump that “Saudi explanation is credible”. The American President had said this when the Saudi government finally confessed to the death of Jamal Khashogg inside its consulate in Istanbul, “after engaging in a fight…”

Jamal Khasoggi, Journalist & activist allegedly killed inside Saudi Embassy in Istanbul, Turkish capital on Oct. 2

Jamal Khashogg, Journalist & activist allegedly killed inside Saudi Embassy in Istanbul, Turkish capital on Oct. 2

What a tenable explanation, indeed!

Personally, i wholeheartedly concur with Mr Trump’s credibility theory, for in my own childish view, nothing could be more reasonable than lynching your own son to a painful death or bombing your neigbouring brothers to ashes as much as the victim is not an American citizen.

But then, this blessed “kingdom of Allah”, the one that houses the two holy sanctuaries, the only land of Tawheed, the citadel of Sunnah – where innovations are absolutely alien, the puritanical land of the sinless, where angels are often domiciled, has done nothing new!

Embassies and diplomats, the world-over, enjoy diplomatic immunity. Some notorious diplomats could therefore take advantage of this privilege to commit heinous crimes within the territories of the host country and sometimes inside the consulate…

But no one could hold diplomats to account, because the State Immunity Act of 1978, the Diplomatic Privileges Act of 1967 and the Consular Relations Act of 1968 have all provided them additional protection.

In fact, they cannot be prosecuted for any crime by the host country, unless the immunity is waved by their home country. In the United Kingdom alone, for example, between 1999 and 2004, more than 120 serious offences were committed by embassy staff – and Britain is powerless to prosecute the crimes.

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Thus, any diplomatic personnel accused of any crime, however serious, cannot be touched, unless the home state waives the immunity to allow prosecution. Hence, If your home country is the host country in this situation, you’ll certainly understand the acute predicament of Turkey.

There have been “allegations of murder by a Colombian diplomat in a foreign country, two counts of indecent assault from South Africa – including an incident of drunken groping – and, of course, some Morrocan embassy officials were also accused of rape and child abuse”.

Embassy staff from both France and Germany, stand accused of assault; while India is also accused of conspiracy to steal; Germany of facilitating illegal immigration to the UK; but non, of all these, is as bad as the present allegation of dismembering a human being alive inside a diplomatic mission house.

Although, in the past, Britain had once expelled a Saudi diplomat, Ali al-Shamarani (in 2003) for bribing a Metropolitan police officer to cover up a murder case; and in 2004, police accused the then Saudi ambassador to Britain, Prince Turki al-Faisal, of blocking an investigation into claims that a diplomat molested an 11-year-old girl.

However, as we rightly said, these mistakes are not as dastardly as the crime of killing a human being by the secret agent of an “infallible state”.

Saudi Arabia should, ordinarily, be a land of compassion. It should also be an exemplary space of the righteous. But then, the driving wheel of this holy kingdom is tightly held by the egoistic will of some terrible human beings, and not with the innocence of the clergy…

Therefore, we shouldn’t be alarmed by this heinous crime, but we should also not be foolish to defend the indefensible. Tyranny and inhuman tendencies are not alien to the current leadership of the kingdom. Home and abroad, their hands are soiled in the precious blood of the believers…

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But what, if Jamaal Kashoggi was killed in either Egypt, Bahrain or the Emirates?

The crime would have probably enjoyed an unhindered concealment…But alas, it was in Turkey and Tayeb Erdogan is a true vicegerent. How would you feel, falling to the mercy of the enemy you want dethroned?

As for me, I’ll rather go on my knees and quickly beg!

But Erdogan is no enemy of any Muslim. The real enemy is Trump who claims that this irrational explanation is credible. How credible Mr Trump? Who killed Jamaal? He died in a fight, as spuriously claimed by the Saudis – whom did he fight?

OK, let’s see the corpse of Jamaal Kashoggi if he wasn’t brutally mutilated!

Jamaal Kashoggi is the proverbial elephant that emerged in town ceremoniously. All evil men were scared of its sudden appearance in town and they ran for cover. But our own Crown Prince was brave enough to hit and kill the scary elephant with a mere royal cap to save the evil men, like him, from fear.

President Trump applauds his gallantry and courage for killing the elephant with a mere cap. But the morning after, he that celebrates his smartness will certainly turn around to ridicule him that he’s an evil magician for killing such a huge elephant with an ordinary cap.

This will soon happen, though many years to come, when the CIA that covered him today shall begin to mention this particular event among his numerous crimes that must be punished…

They may then think of charging him to the international court of justice at the Hague and then contemplate humiliating him and his royal power. It is their normal route in diplomatic intelligence…They did it twice to Saddam Hussain.

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Was it not with their intelligence and knowledge that Saddam had gassed to death thousands of his Kurdish citizens? It was also with their knowledge and nod that he invaded Kuwait, his brothers’ territory in a cruel manner.

But then, many years after, they held him to account in a shameful manner…

We might be blind to all that happened to Kashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2, but the CIA has the full record of the crime, including the footage of the dastardly act. In diplomacy, as the head of a nation, you’re merely a slave of an ally who has the secret details of your crime.

So, don’t rejoice that your hostile friend has just approved of your crime – Your jailing, killing, maiming, mutilating, bombing and blockading of your brothers…Get yourself a brain, if you lack one, or go to the market place of the divine guidance and quickly buy one before it is too late!

May Allah protect the kingdom and its Muslim inhabitants. May Allah console the believers, all over the world. May Allah strengthen all the jailed clerics and make them firm on righteousness. May Allah grant Bro Jamaal Kashoggi His eternal Mercy. May Allah protect us all from all evils.



By Abu Mazeedatilkhayr Bn Sa’eed


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