*Juvenescently Abused*


Hello there, my name is stone…
By this name, everywhere I’m known
I must show gratitude to you my parents
Who’ve made my name this inherent.

I was little, brave and naive
But so much pains you made me heave
So many times I tried to leave
But where on earth could I have lived?

Spare the rod and spoil the child!
Was what you said when you grew wild!
You call those metal gauzes rods?
With which you tore my skin in studs.

I know I was rough and very stubborn
But I’m like you, from whom I was born
You tortured me for all wrongs done
Even for first times, you hardly warn

Thanks for the hardened felon,
Which you’ve made me become
I’m dauntless, I live by the shotgun
Who cares if you’re still alive or gone!

Hi there, my name is Butter…
Why this name? You begin to wonder
I was my parents’ spoilt daughter
Until they died and left me to wander.

I was too comfortable and abused,
I know this may get you confused
I was given all I wanted, never refused
This kind of life, to it, I’m used.

I’m very grateful to my parents
For making me guilty, not innocent
They never trained me to be content,
They never taught me to be patient.

When they died, I was left here,
My wardrobe was filled with none to wear
The cash in account became so rare
And these are what I couldn’t bear!

I’ve become a thief without fear
Everything I desire must be near
Even though they’re presently dead
I still must for myself fend!

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Our parents and guardians beware,
The kind of agonies you make us bear
Sooner or later, we can adapt!
And find every other offence as apt.

It’s just beating, we’re adept!
All our fears you’ve thus swept
We can do better with advice
Abuse us with violence,  adds vice.

*Our parents and guardians beware,
No matter how we are to you, dear
No matter how much you have in ware
Train us too, to hard times bear.

Give us only with vital reasons
We won’t see such as acts of treasons
How can we cope and endure?
How can we fend If you’re no more?


Nathan A’Qawiyy Alexandre is a member of TRNG Writers Club

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