Ita Faji Building Collapse: Do They Really Care About You?

Pic.9. A child being rescued from the scene of a building, which collapsed at Itafaji on the Lagos Island on Wednesday (13/3/19).

02149/13/3/2019Kayode Oladapo/JAU/BJO/NAN

The Ita Faji school building collapse is obviously a sad happening. Many people have written intriguing and mind puzzling contents around it.

I have also heard from some quarters that the workers in the Lagos State Ministry of Works are hovering between hope and fear as turbulent decision is awaiting those who could have sternly decided and ensured the banning of the building.

This is a good step from the government. Someone needs to account for the whole mess.

However, the problem I have with the government is their insalubrious selectivity when it comes to upholding their strict protocols and order.

All of us were living witnesses to the church collapse of Pastor TB Joshua killing many people. How many arrests were made at the time? Was there any move to sack anybody at the Ministry of Works at the time?

In fact, the state governor at the time went on a visit to the owner of the church for whatever reason that still appear very emotionally devastating to any sane mind without bringing him to account for defying the Lagos State regulations in erecting such building.

If this Ita Faji building collapse had happened before the election, you can all guess what the politicians would have done to further seek public sympathy for their candidacy.

The whole scenario is saddening. And forget the noise of next level we are consoling ourselves with. We all know the real landlords of Nigeria and the state government.

The masses is secondary to them. If you don’t belong to the ‘elites’, you are as useless as nothing and the sanctity of your life has no meaning to the politicians and those at the ambiance of power.

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In the end, the masses would still suffer for the problems they didn’t cause, while groping for justice in the thickness of darkness created by the elites and the political class.

We need to start bringing these prejudices to the very face of the government and seek for the genuine justice in their governance.

By Yusuf Jimoh Aweda, Director, Center For Human Rectitude, Lagos

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