Israel sentences Palestinian children to 2 years


An Israeli Court in Jerusalem on Wednesday sentenced two 13-year-old Palestinian boys, Shadi Anwar Farah and Ahmad Raed Zatari, from occupied East Jerusalem, to two years in an Israeli juvenile detention centre after the two were charged with attempted murder and possession of knives.

Image of the young Palestinian boys, Shadi Anwar Farah and Ahmad Raed Zatari [qudsn/Twitter]

Image of the young Palestinian boys, Shadi Anwar Farah and Ahmad Raed Zatari [qudsn/Twitter]

Muhammad Mahmoud, a lawyer for the defence, told Ma’an that  Farah and Zatari were sentenced to two years of imprisonment in an Israeli juvenile facility.

Mahmoud added that Farah and Zatari were initially detained on 12 December 2015, but the period they have already spent in detention would not be counted toward the sentence handed down to them.

Exactly a year ago, Farah and Zaatari were charged with attempted murder and possession of knives, after Israeli forces allegedly found knives carrying knives during a stop-and-search in Jerusalem.

Amjad Abu Asab, who heads a Jerusalem committee for prisoners’ families, said at the time that both children were “interrogated in the absence of adult family members and lawyers, which is a serious violation of Israeli law and international law.”

Abu Asab added that the Jerusalem central court also ordered each of the boys’ families to pay a bail of 5,000 shekels ($1,297).

According to prisoners’ rights group Addameer, 400 Palestinian children were being held in Israeli custody as of October.

Meanwhile, in another report by the AhlulBayt News Agency, the Israeli Ofer military court on Monday sentenced a Palestinian girl to 45 days in jail at the same time as Israeli soldiers detained two Palestinian children.

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Palestinian citizen, Nasr Atatra said the Salem Military Court ruled for sentencing his 16-year-old daughter Shaymaa to one month and a half in jail and a fine of 1,100 U.S. dollars.

The girl, held in the HaSharon jail, was kidnapped by the occupation army on March 15 at the Zaatara checkpoint, in southern Nablus, on allegations that she attempted to carry out an anti-occupation stabbing against an Israeli soldier.

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation army arrested the two Palestinian children Bahaa and Mus’ab al-Shawaheen, in al-Khalil’s southern town of Yatta, after they had been chased down and aggressively attacked by Israeli extremist settlers.

Activist Rateb al-Jabour said the occupation troops who showed up at the scene opened fire at the two minor captives to scare them into stopping and handcuffed them before they detained them for long hours.

In a related development, the Israeli occupation authorities released two Palestinian children, from Occupied Jerusalem, after they had been locked up for six months in Israeli jails.

One of the newly-released children was identified as 16-year-old Amr Amer Abu Madi, arrested on October 13 on charges of stone-throwing. The other minor was identified as 17-year-old Samer Hamza Shludi.


SOURCE: MIddleeastmonitor/AhlulBayt News Agency

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