Israel backs down on returning bodies of slain Palestinians

Israeli armyThe Israeli regime has backed down on its earlier promise to return the bodies of nine Palestinians who were killed by its forces.

They claim the Palestinians were attempting to stab soldiers before they were shot dead.

It was gathered that Palestinian sources were waiting at the Tarqomia crossing on Sunday to receive the bodies but the Israelis never showed up.

Originally, the Israeli regime announced it would withhold bodies in a move interpreted by Palestinians as a

“collective punishment” for Palestinian anger and violence.

However, it reversed the decision when they discovered the tactic had backfired on them and only served to stir more tension.

Currently, the regime is holding 17 bodies of Palestinians.

On Saturday, five bodies of teenagers were returned and a mass funeral was held in Hebron despite orders by the Israeli regime to hold quiet funerals.

The surge of unrest since early October has triggered fears of a third Palestinian intifada, or uprising, against Israeli occupation by a generation gripped by despair and anger over stalled peace efforts.

More than 66 Palestinians and nine Israelis have been killed since a wave of attacks and violent clashes broke out a month ago in occupied Jerusalem.

Killing1The violence has spread to the West Bank, with daily attacks on Israeli occupation soldiers and protests, the Gaza Strip where demonstrators have clashed with Israeli forces along the borders of the blockaded coastal enclave, and Palestinians living in 1948 areas.

Simmering tensions boiled over in September over the status of Al Haram Al Sharif in occupied Jerusalem, before spiraling into a series of violent attacks from Oct. 1.

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Palestinians accuse the Israeli regime of seeking to change the rules governing the site.

Under a status quo agreement, Jews are allowed to visit the site but not perform religious rituals.

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