IPOB launches terror attack on Abia Muslims, raze Mosque, Corpers lodge …as Northern Community seek government protection


Apparently reacting to clash with the Nigerian Army, suspected members of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have attacked Muslims in Aba, Abia state and burnt a major Mosque on the Nnamdi Azikwe road.

One of the victim

One of the worshipper that was wounded during the attack

The militants attacked and wounded worshippers with dangerous weapons and looted virtually all valuable items, including the water pumping machine and personal belongings of the fleeing worshipper as laptops, phones and others.

The Mosque popularly known as Yoruba Mosque also play host to the Secretariat of the Muslim Corpers Association of Nigeria (MCAN) and Corpers lodge.

Many Yoruba Muslims had wondered why a clash with the Military will make IPOB militants burn Mosque. A woman who spoke with Renaissance lamented:

“If this had happened in the West or the North the media would have alleged Muslim terrorists, now these IPOB members are Christians, yet, you will  never hear the media label them as Christian terrorists but as IPOB. The Igbos are killing other people now and no one is talking, it is when d table turns that it becomes a front page story,” she said.

Northern Community cries for help

Meanwhile the Northern Community in Aba has called on the presidency for adequate protection of innocent civilians for fear of palpable or imminent attack.

In a letter tagged: Northern Community in Aba Needs Your Help From IPOB Massacre and copied to the Defence Headquarters, Force Headquarters
DSS, all other concerned agencies, the Chief Imam of Aba, Abia State, Alhaji Idris Bashir who is also the leader of the Muslims and Northern community in Aba tasks the government to move fast to avert a complete breakdown of law and order.

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While speaking, Alhaji Bashir gave the gory picture of what is currently happening in Aba.

“In the last two days, the Northern Community, including Muslims and Christians have taken refuge in police station and our mosque at Hospital road, but as we speak now, the police station has been burnt down by the IPOB miscreants, and the survivors have converged in one place (name withheld) with their wives and children (over 2000 of them), waiting in uncertainty, whether or not the IPOB militants will find out our whereabout.

“For God’s sake, we are innocent and law abiding citizens, what is our sin or offence for IPOB to want to kill us?

Distress Call Centres

Consequently, the Nigerian Army Headquarters information Center has rolled out Operation Python Dance II dedicated Toll Free Call Centre Telephone Number 193 (Toll Free All lines).

Citizens are urged to call to report on behalf of people, particularly civilians in distress in danger from either civilians or military. They are also requested to report torture and dehumanization to Human Right Desk Number 08160134303.

Police Sector Commands can also be reached across the Eastern states: Sector 1 Commander, Abia State
08023445961, 07065013133; Sector 4 Commander, Anambra State 07037055354; Sector 6 Commander, Cross River State 08033865572; Sector 5 Commander, Ebonyi State 07039833547, 08180605871; Sector 3 Commander, Enugu State 08023634672; and Sector 2 Commander, Imo State  07030803546.


By Adeyinka Aremu

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