Independence Day


Before the birth of 1960,
Our lungs longed for Independence,
To be free from the White man’s
cage that chained u in their captivity.

We were enslaved, we suffered
bitterness of hunger that
made our stomachs feed on the worms that wished
to feed on us.

We were sold into slavery.
Badagry still breathes the remains
of our catastrophe.
Alas! We tasted freedom.

But it’s a freedom that chains the masses.
Freedom that makes our famished stomachs
think the green has become a dessert.
The Independence gained locks us in-dependence.

Democracy was used to quench the thirst of the plebians,
Abraham Lincoln needs to explain its lyrics
To our egotistical leaders for
them to know it’s for the “People”.

Rule of Law came to avoid predilection,
Between the Aristocrats and Masses.
AV Dicey doctrine is a theory that wasn’t
practicalized by our Ambassadors Of Corruption.

We chant “The Labour of our heroes past shall
never be in vain”.
Is our brain allergic to reality
or are our eyes blind to see that it is going in vain,
ruin and dust?

Oh children of the new generation!
We are the future leaders,
In our blood should flow Patriotism.
In our heart should beat Unity.

Together we will attain
“Unity and faith, peace and progress”.
Our togetherness will strengthen our eagle
to soar high in the sky.

Then we will be Independent.
Then we will be the “Giant Of Africa”.
Then we’ve served our Fatherland.
Is that not what should be celebrated?

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© Azeezah Olatunde (PenTalks)

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