In The Shade Of Qur’an


You can hide under flip of pages
That embodies gentle and  commanding words.
It’s a shade that save the scalp from the scorching sun
A scripture that speaks for you when your lips cease to speak.

Read in sonorous voice that drives
The tumultuous heart to tranquility.
Words read in Awe that
Mounts tears in the eyes of a believer.

Ask your soul.
If you’re one of the people of Qur’an, or
Is it just a bunch of paper that sleeps
On the shelve covered with untouched dust.

Screen yourself to know,
If all read in melodious tune
Are comprehended by our heart,
Or is it just a recitation galore?

Ask your deeds
If the revelation is reflected in your actions
Or is just a translated historical book?

Recite, Read and Reflect
To live in The Shade Of Qur’an

©Azeezah Olatunde (PenTalks) is a member of TRNG Writers Club

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