*In One Of His Factories!!!*

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As I walk in, _right and left_,
I can see him, _up and down_,
Working passionately, _yes and good_,

Dressing natively, _suite and cap_,
Eating kilichi, _rice and yam_,
Speaking Hausa, _na wan ni_,

Transforming foods, _yes indeed_,
Quenching unemployment, _to some extent_,
Empowering Nigerians, _to the marrow_,

Boosting the economy, _good for us_,
If only I have the power, _to do some stunts_,
Compelling other billionaires, _just like him_,

To invest in Nigeria, _and save naira_,
To feed the nation, _from our source_,
And we live in good, _to start with_
IG on pen🖊

✨ _Happy World Poetry Day_✨

Imam Ghazali is a member of TRNG Writers Club

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