Ideal democracy not possible without active participation of righteous in politics – AbdulLateef

The Lagos State Commissioner for Home Affairs, Dr AbdulHakeem AbdulLateef, has enjoined Muslims and all righteous people in Nigeria to participate actively in the politic so as to entrench ideal democracy that breeds desired social-economic development, infrastructural growth, prosperity and happiness.

LAgos State Commissioner for Home Affairs(R) receiving an award from from  Alhaji Musa Ojiefo, Member Board of Muslim Alumni Association, Yaba colleague of Technology, Lagos, during Ramadan Lecture

Lagos State Commissioner for Home Affairs(R) receiving an award from from
Alhaji Musa Ojiefo, Member Board of Muslim Alumni Association, Yaba colleague of Technology, Lagos, during Ramadan Lecture

AbdulLateef gave the admonition while delivering a keynote address at a Ramadan Lecture organised by the Yaba College of Technology, Muslims Alumni Association in Lagos.

The Keynote Address was titled “Morality, the Missing Element in Nigerian Politics”.

According to him, people who have the fear of Allah, knowledgeable, righteous and all it takes to govern and put things right, remain apathetic and disinterested, abandoning the political landscape to those who are there for selfish desires and personal gains.

“The vast majority of those who are active in politics today do not fear Allah as they are there for business and they cannot keep promises and would not be able to bring the necessary changes for which the masses clamour.

“Indeed, they cannot give what they do not have and it is for this reason that Nigeria, which is so blessed in everything one can think of, has continued to lag behind in virtually everything.

“Many people are unmindful of the bounties of Allah, ungrateful of Allah’s abundance of blessings and made wrong all that Allah has made right for them.

“By their own hands, therefore, people have brought untoward circumstances to reign and allowed all manner of vices such as terrorism, kidnapping, unemployment, inflation, fear, disillusionment, apathy and hunger to prevail,” the commissioner said.

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The commissioner strongly advised that righteous individuals should fully participate in politics, contest for elective positions and support the people with the fear of God through their voices and votes.

Quoting from Quran 16 verse 11, AbdulLateef said “the Almighty Allah will not change the condition of the people until they themselves see the evil they have brought upon themselves and reverse the trend by being upright”.

He stated that the participation of God-fearing people was paramount and that if we must achieve the desired results, Muslims must make a paradigm shift from their current state of apathy towards politics and take leading roles in political activities.

“Mosques are more than polling centres in Nigeria and Muslims must use these channels to propagate the required knowledge and importance of political participation,” he advised.

He said that Muslims must operate from “the Manual” which would provide the required knowledge before they “can be effective leaders at home, workplace and political arena and do the right things”.

Ramadan, the commissioner said, is about Takwa (meaning the fear of Allah), adding that it should not be viewed mainly as abstinence from food and other pleasures but the application of all that is pure and just as decreed.

Opportunities, he said, abound in Nigeria and if activated, would usher in a new era of accelerated developments and appropriate democratic practices.

The Nigerian Muslims must, therefore, “think out of the box”, give good values, show transparency and honesty to strengthen family, social, religious and political institutions.

By Our Correspondent

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