I Can No Longer Be Silent!

The Kingdom Tower, operated by Kingdom Holding Co., left, stands alongside the King Fahd highway, illuminated by the light trails of passing traffic, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Saturday, Jan. 9, 2016. Saudi Arabian stocks led Gulf Arab markets lower after oil extended its slump from the lowest close since 2004. Photographer: Waseem Obaidi/Bloomberg

I can no longer resist the temptation to speak out in the days of fitnah. Ordinarily in Ramadan, my silence is golden; but silence in the face of oppression is like supporting the system.

It is oppressive to speak for the devil in the name of Allah, and then pretend that you’re holier than others. The breakdown of diplomatic fraternity among the Gulf states is not the turmoil, but Saudi’s disguise as a dwelling place of Allah on earth is the greatest fitnah.

The kingdom’s scholars are respected, the world over; and because they are on the pay rolls of the royal house, the monarchy speaks and acts as though it represents the voice of its scholars. But even the Al-Haramain sacred edifices give no special status to the kingdom’s authority and its scholars.

Saudi’s ultra conservative scholars are revered only because they teach the Jurispudential Truth, and not because they are better than other Muslim scholars in Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and even Pakistan.

Must we all think the Saudi way and manner? No, because that will be too injurious to our spiritual sanity, it would be too dangerous to our collective survival as Muslims on the planet earth.

Thinking the Saudi way is akin to being subservient to the enemy’s ego. It is like submitting our Tawheed, the sovereignty of Allah – which makes us Muslims, to the proverbial leviathan called ‘The West’, especially the United States of America.

Trump came visiting, and a few hours after the arms deal, the age-long trust among brothers collapsed; fraternity turned hostility, and embargoes flew on air. The night before that satanic visit, the former US Defence Secretary, Robert Gate, had offered a scathing assault on Qatar.

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While delivering a speech at a high profile Washington conference, he said: “Tell Qatar to choose sides or we will change the nature of the relationship, to include downscaling the base…”, and then, the second day, at the wake of his boss visit, the Khaleej was in disarray.

And Egypt that has nothing to gain or lose other than a total annihilation of the Brotherhood movement jumped into it. Bahrain, the follow-follow boy of the mamlakah, fell for it. The Emirates, in subservience to the West so that its glossy fire of luxury would not be extinguished in time, danced to the piano.

But what actually is Saudi’s interest? Envy, why won’t the Saudis envy the Qataris…in terms of wealth? Then fear…the fear of being dethroned by the progressive creed of the Muslim Brotherhood, in particular. Obedience, yes obedience to ‘the master of the world’ – Trump, who doesn’t even conceal his hatred for Islam and Muslims. Ah, Saudi – the land of Tawheed in fear of Trump!

The Saudi monarchy is the most foolish political hegemony in the world. The kingdom’s royals think Allah can be placated with millions of prints and reprints of the holy Quran. Indeed, billions of dates sent to the fasting Muslims across the world cannot expunge the sin of selling your brothers to the enemies.

Worse still, the kingdom declares Al-Qaradhawiy a terrorist, and I laughed, because terrorists are plenty. The kingdom had given the Shaykh its King Faisal medal award on Islamic jurisprudence, and even recently, its circle of scholars played host to the Shaykh, and thus, they are also terrorists.

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All the respected Saudi scholars have, on different occasions, applauded Al-Qaradhawi’s intellectual strength in his seminar work, ‘Fiqh Zakat’ – that masterpiece considered incomparable in the field. I pity the kingdom, because with its rejection of the Shaykh, a rare body of knowledge is thrown away.

They accused the Shaykh of legitimising the Arab spring, forgetting that some Western nations had bankrolled the revolt, and they are also the major beneficiaries. Did Yusuf Qurdawiy bring in NATO to the Benghazi territory of Libya? Did he inspire the fruits cart pusher in Tunis to engage in the historic self-immolation?

His only crime was the Brotherhood movement’s involvement in Egypt’s politics. When the power was lying naked in the street of Cairo, as Tahrir Square hummed with rebellion against the state, and then the impact-making movement bought into it, Qaradhawi became a terrorist – Saudi, the liar!

I counsel the Saudi government to repent in time. I advise its scholars to tell the truth to the deceptive state. I encourage the citizenry to weep for the land of Haramain and be patient. I suggest that we should all pray for Qatar and I insist that Qatar shall come out of this a greater nation. May Allah assist the state of Qatar.

By Abu Mazeedatil Khayr Bn Sa’eed

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  1. Ahmad

    Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself”.

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