How To Celebrate Election Victory

Isa Ali Pantami, PhD

Gen. Muhammadu Buhari

Gen. Muhammadu Buhari

1) We should remember that Only Allah gives power to whom He wishes. It is only He that chooses a leader for us. We should avoid celebration by killing and vandalising people’s property and killing ourselves by rough celebration. It is unislamic, inhuman and

2) if our GMB is successful, and we are almost optimistic of that, we should be grateful to Allah by doing SUJUDUS Shukur. To prostrate once.

3) We should also say “Alhamdu lil Laahil lathi biniimatihi tatimmus Saalihat”

4) we should congratulate each other on that.

5) We should vehemently pray to Allah to guide GMB to success and make him a just, kind and trustworthy leader as we all anticipated him to be.

6) We should also avoid high expectation from GMB. Nigeria has been totally damaged beyond rehabilitation within only 4 years. GMB is neither a Prophet nor an Angel. I believe GMB can do his best on insecurity and corruption, but he needs time, support and prayers.

7) We should consider the success as a success for Nigeria, not only for Northern Nigeria. Many regions produced huge votes for GMB.

8) We should also appreciate the effort of many media houses like, , , , channels TV, etc. They have resisted persecution and intimidation for long.

9) We should advise and pray for good leutenants for the General. No leader can be successful without having responsible aides.

10) we should also help the government with well articulated constructive advice and criticism.

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11) we should also forgive Prof. Jega for 2011 elections and pray to Allah to reward him
immensely for his good job so far. He really tried. Let him maintain the tempo.

12) we should join hands and build a new Nigeria irrespective of our differences. May Allah make us successful towards building a new Nigeria,…

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