Hijab will soon rule the world – Islamic Scholar

Sheikh Busayri 1

An Islamic scholar, Sheikh Isma’eel Busayri, has predicted that hijab-wearing by Muslim female, currently being antagonised by some section of Nigerians, will soon rule the world.

15th Public Lecture 5

Busayri, who is the Chief Imaam Alegongo Central Mosque, Ibadan made this prediction while speaking during the 15th Public Lecture series organised by the Lagos State branch of The Muslim Congress at the weekend in Lagos.

The Renaissance reports that the theme of the lecture series was: “Hijab: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’’.

“The hijab that you are rejecting and denying us from wearing is the solution to HIV-AIDS and it is the solution to prostitution.

“It is the solution to the fatherless baby in the society and it is the solution to rape.

“What is the future of Hijab: what is the future of Islamic banking in this country, has it not been accepted worldwide?

“Whether you like it or not, it is this hijab-wearing that you will eventually return to,’’ the scholar declared.

He blamed the Nigerian media for misinforming and twisting issues of hijab-wearing in Nigeria.

“Media is for education, re-orientation and for information but they are misinforming the public.

“Media has chosen to be twisting the education and information they are giving the public.’’

Busayri, who is also the acting General-Secretary of the Muslim Community in Oyo State, said hijab is beyond putting on just any garment.

“It is a traditional practice that Prophet Muhammad even met on the earth’’.

According to him, the controversy on hijab predated the advent of Islam, say it had been in practice before Prophet Muhammad was born.

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The cleric likened women in hijab to a precious gold that is not commonly found on the ground but beneath the earth crust.

Citing several portions of the Glorious Qur’an, Busayri said hijab is for protection of the body of both women and even men.

According to him, from the time of Prophet Ibraheem, women were using hijab and when Prophet Muhammed came, he reformed the use of hijab.

15th Public Lecture 1

“It also protects women from all forms of societal provocation.’’

He made references to archivers among Muslim women, who are using hijab and have attained popularity and influence in the society, even when they regularly adorn their hijab.

He further explored various excellent exploits by hijab-wearing Muslim ladies young and old around the world.

“Their wearing hijab has never prevented them from attaining excellent achievements in their various field of endeavours,’’ he said.

15th Public Lecture 2

According to him, from the time of Prophet Ibraheem, women were using hijab and when Prophet Muhammed came, he reformed the use of hijab.

“Even in Nigeria, our ancient fathers and mothers were wearing hijab.

“The best medical doctor in Oyo State, a gynaecologist, is a Muslim woman, using hijab and performing excellently in her profession.’’

15th Public Lecture

Busayri advised the various governments at all levels in Nigeria to give Muslim women, their fundamental rights as enshrined in the constitution by allowing them to wear their hijab without molestation or harassment.

“That will bring about peace and coexistence.

“If Catholic nuns are able to wear their head covering freely, I see no reason why Muslims ladies should not be accorded the same constitutional rights.

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15th Public Lecture 4

“So we are asking for our fundamental rights as enshrined in our constitution and which is an obligation of our religion, dictated in the Qur’an that is obliged to Muslim ladies by Allah Ta’ala.

“We are appealing to our government, the executive and the legislature to give us our fundamental rights.

“We are law-abiding citizens but the government should not to push Muslims to the wall so that they don’t take laws into their hands,’’ Busayri said.

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