Hiding under a Turban like a coward behind the Mimbar


By Yusuf Jimoh Aweda

It is no more hidden that many Nigerian Muslim leaders always avoid making comments on international issues that affect the Muslims, especially from Palestine, Syria, Burma, China, Yemen, Central African Republic and even Nigeria.

Horrendous thoughts like Homosexuality and  transgender communities are waxing stronger daily while some Imam still watch gleefully.

They do not want to be involved. Since it does not involve money, a political achievement or a public recognition that could haul in some worldly benefits.

The only time we feel the breeze of some of their presence, is during the moon sighting for beginning and ending of Ramadan . Then one would see organisations tussling for authority with conflicting releases that are obviously tainted with tribal and political sentiments.

I appreciate the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Sanusi Lamido for his presentation today on the national television. Addressing the injustice against the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt by the tyrant El-Sisi, condemning ISIS and Boko Haram. And making his voice coherent and loud on world’s politics against justice.

Nonetheless, there are few Nigerian Muslim leaders, who are always on their toes in defending the truth and enlightening the general public on world’s happenings with peaceful insight on issues and with their admiring confidence.

To those who have been striving for Islam, both privately and publicly. We commend them and we salute their courage. And we pray Allah strengthen them and improve them in sincerity.

Obviously, no one has promised us that we cannot be in the same mess the people of Syria and China are in. No one can boast of not possibly being in a longer years of caging like the people of Palestine have been in the hands of the Zionist Jews.

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Though we pray Allah  save us from those evils when our brothers and sisters are killed and denied the freedom to practice their religion like Zionists, ISIS, BH , anti Balakas as the Chinese government is doing.

It is not the name of the territory that they are fighting. It is the pristine and the moderate Islam that can ultimately end their arrogant and evil civilizations, that they want to put to an end.

What we have noticed in our lands are set of some Islamic leaders, who have turned the religion into commercial centres, and they do not want to be quoted in involving in justified international issues that may obliterate their filthy political relationship with some international communities. Even though the Muslims are suffering bitterly.

it is internally infuriating that  anyone would be addressed as an Islamic leader and cannot talk about any of these happenings even on the mimbar, organisational gatherings etc. It is pathetic. And someone like me would surely tell some of those old men in the future. Shame on some of them.

Many of them are always bending and hiding like cowards. Acting like slaves and errand boys for many filthy political institutions. Conniving clandestinely with insane people to speak and condemn those lending their support for truth and justice globally.

It is painful, some so called scholars only show up in Ramadan . And their talks sometimes would make one think they have just woken after many thousand years of sleep.

Shame on all of coward and speechless Muslim leaders in the face of injustice.

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Aweda is the Director, Center For Human Rectitude.

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  1. Antidote

    Its a pity that schorlarship has become a monachical heritage and can be awarded and contested for like a football cup. the biggest world problem is the silence of the pious authoritis and jurists. chritianity has been basterdise by the west under the wastchful eyes of the christians. they have now gathered a united force against islam.

  2. Dr. Raimi Lukman

    Aweda thanks for your article. They are not talking because they have been bought. Secondly, what you don’t have you cannot give. Deep down in their minds; they tacitly give a nod to such issues. They are indigenous foreigners.

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