Why They are afriad of Hijab

For 15 years old Aisha Alabi, Tuesday 5 February, 2013, was a day she would have wished never broke. It was indeed a sad day for the JSS 1 student of Kadara Junior Grammar School EbuteMetta as she got the beating of her life for no reason but the use of Hijab in the
school premises. She was said to have wore the Hijab outside the class in the school compound when she was seen by her principal, Mrs. E.C. Ukpaka who immediately called an e m e rg e n c y a s s e m b l y a n d a l l e g e d l y ordered her to be beaten. Her colleagues
who witnessed the scene at the assembly counted no less than 43 strokes of cane landing on her hapless body!

Barely two weeks after the humiliation of Aisha by her principal, a SSS 3 student of M a f o l u k u S e n i o r G r a m m a r S c h o o l , Oshodi, Bareera Tajudeen, incurred the wrath of her principal, Mrs. Elizabeth Omidele, for similar ‘offence.’ She wore the Hijab on her uniform outside the school premises. Mrs. Omidele, it was gathered, did not only ask Bareera to remove the Hijab, she also marched on
Hijab and confiscated it from her. The plights of Aisha and Bareera were a drop in the ocean of the on-going v i c t i m i z a t i o n  o f  M u s l i m f e m a l e s wearing the Hijab in Lagos state, south west Nigeria. The case was also reported of another principal in Mushin area of the  state who allegedly inflicted bodily injury on a Muslim female student going for jumat prayers.

T he s e  i n c i d e n t s h a d p r o m p t e d t h e l e a d e r s h i p o f t h e M u s l i m S t u d e n t s ‘ Society of Nigeria, Lagos State Area
Unit, to institute a legal case against the state government to put a stop to the victimization and probably get redress for the harassed students. However, the first set of cases filed before the Lagos High Court, Ikeja, is yet to be determined. For the third time in six months, the cases have suffered three a d j o u r n m e n t s . T h i s s t a t e o f a ffa i r s , analysts say, may give credence to the
notion that the state government was planning to get the cases out of public consciousness. This is based on the fact that the government up till the last adjourned date of October 28 made no  moves towards an out of court settlement it requested for on May 27, 2013 when the case came up for the first time. The problem of victimization against Muslim ladies using the Hijab is not
peculiar to Lagos state alone. It is also

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