Hawker’s Death: Protesters vandalise 45 BRT buses

As at the last count, no fewer than 45 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) buses belonging to the Lagos State Government were destroyed by angry protesters following the killing of a hawker in Maryland area of Lagos on Wednesday.

VandaliseTrouble started after the hawker, who was trying to evade arrest by Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) officials, was knocked down by one of the BRT buses.

The Renaissance gathered that no sooner than the accident occurred, angry crowd pounced on the mass transit vehicles to vent their anger over the death of the hawker.

A source at the Ikorodu depot of the company hinted that ten BRT buses were earlier vandalised before the protest escalate.

But on a visit to the depot later in the day, about 45 buses destroyed by the angry mob were counted by a correspondent of The Renaissance.

The suspects were arrested by security operative in the hit of the protest.

Mr Fola Tinubu, Managing Director of Primero Transport Services Ltd., operator of the BRT quickly intervened, by preventing the suspects from being lynched by the angry BRT drivers.


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