Gunmen kill Afghan journalist in southern Kandahar

Gunmen killed an Afghan journalist on his way to work in the southern city of Kandahar, officials said, an attack that highlights the risks faced by media workers in Afghanistan.

Abdul Mannan Arghund, Afgahan journalist, killed by gunmenin southern Kandahar province

Abdul Mannan Arghund, Afghan journalist, killed by gunmen in southern Kandahar province

Abdul Arghand, who worked for Kabul News TV, was shot by gunmen armed with AK-47s as he was driving his car,
police spokesman, Zia Durani, said.

The attack came the same day as a meeting in Kabul to discuss how to safeguard journalists.

The UN mission in Afghanistan issued a statement condemning the killing.

2017 was the bloodiest for journalists in Afghanistan, according to the Afghan Journalists’ Safety Committee,
with at least 20 killed and 169 cases of violence or threats.

SOURCE: Reuters

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