Glorious landing Awaits Governor Aregbesola

Gov. Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State

Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola is used to enjoy different kinds of compliments— the most common accusation that he is an opinionated egomaniac who sucked the air out of every workers appeared to be the most popular songs against him….No one cares to make a quick comparison about its earnings and privileges and to compare same with other state. Anyone who has ever worked in talk radio knows exactly what I mean. One thing for sure is that ,he has never been accused of abusing his office or intimidating his opponent or oppressing any citizen. Under his government,we have enjoyed relatively peace. You can’t expose him to any ridiculous subject any day anytime.

Every day and on every subject, year in, year out, he had always come out stronger. No one has ever succeeded in rubbishing his government as non performances in many area especially in education. Keep this as a secret,ten years after his government,those innocent kids in various schools would be so eligible to vote if not to be voted for and would they ever forget the man who clothes and feed them like Late Obafemi Awolowo.

In Ogbeni Rauf ‘s case, that self-exposure for the students was life-long dream – as a politician. This was a man who coated himself in all the dust of the public arena threw at him — and yet came back victories and stronger for more….

Yet the real man, the one behind the word struck prodigy, was largely unknown in Osun Politics of today only because he is unusual in his styles,but that was then,n it even the opposition can fault him in his transformation agenda.. I know a little about Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola social life,he does not even look like a governor I read about while in secondary school,his dressing is not the usual flamboyant nor his trafficking laced with the usual sirens we are use to.,He is an uncommon,incredible personality. He called me, for example, when he was looking for a DJ for an outing. I still can’t believe I can begin to enjoy patronage from a Governor. Did I need to restate that I am a bonafide citizen of this rebranded state of Omoluabi,all my earnings reside here. Though I see Lagos as my second home.

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For all the trumpeting in the mainstream media of Rauf’s status as a “giant” of administrator, the truth was that, after eight years of his meritorious service,it is then Osun people would know how lucky we are to have this unusual person as our governor. By then,many of us would be calling around to see if anyone knew of a publisher to document all his works to serve as references for many unborn children of the future, who might be interested in studying him. He knew his time was running out and to those who may not know him as a realist. He must be working on his handing over note to include the completion of all these outgoing projects.

The challenge before us is not about him as an individual but about me and you and about our dear state and our plans to ensure we sustain all those noble legacies.

Tell me one indigene of Osogbo, Ede, Ife, Ilesha who will claim ignorance of the marvelous transformations happenings in our society,Who is he who will not know how befitting our state capital is by now. Ile Ife, where I was born has the new Oduduwa college was Alma mater to someone like Chief Richard Akinjide,Late Oba sijuade just like Ilesha Grammar school was to great Pastor Enoch Adeboye, today the schools are in good shape to mention few. He wanted to do more,he is feeling sad about modulated salaries being paid but here is, working within his limited resources.

Many may not know that my little self is being owed. I have been living on half payment for my DJ service but I feel compensated with all these transformations going on in my state. Many other states of the federation are even worse on the payment of salaries…..

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Please join me in praying for this uncommon and usual politician to land well and for God’s guidance to make us choose right.

I am a DJ, so Let the music play on.

By DJ Bassman

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