Filipino maid executed in Saudi Arabia, says Philippines govt.

A Filipino domestic helper has been executed in Saudi Arabia where she had been found guilty of murder, the Philippine Government said on Thursday.

“The 39-year-old woman’s death sentence was carried out on Tuesday.

“The department regrets that it was not able to save the life of the Filipina after the Saudi Supreme Judicial Council classified her case as one in which blood money does not apply under Shariah law,’’ the Department of Foreign Affairs said.

Blood money is compensation under Shariah Law that is paid to families of murder victims, in exchange for forgiving the accused and sparing them from the death penalty.

The department declined to give out further information about the executed woman or details about the murder, saying her family had requested privacy.

It stressed that the government provided the woman with a lawyer to assist her during the trial, sent representatives to visit her and gave regular updates to her family in the Philippines.

Saudi Arabia is one of the top destinations for Filipinos seeking work abroad, with no fewer than one million workers employed there, mostly in the household service and construction sectors.

According to the department, as of 2018, there were over 80 other Filipinos on death row around the world.



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