FERMA partners Police to stop road crime

The Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) in collaboration with the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) have pledged to collaborate towards ensuring safety on Nigerian roads.

This assurance was given when key officials of the two Federal Government organisations went on inspection tour of the Abuja–Lokoja highway.


Abuja–Lokoja highway

FERMA Managing Director, Gabriel Amuchi, and the Inspector-General of Police, Solomon Arase, led the inspection tour.
The exercise, Amuchi said, was aimed at identifying and combating crimes on the nation’s highways while ensuring that the roads are motorable all year round.
They identified Osara Village, Iruekpe, Kogi state as one of the black spots, which harboured criminals.
“What is happening here is a very strong collaboration and because of these hoodlums, we need serious security presence and patrol.
“At the end of this clearing, we would improve visibility and sight-seeing.
“So it is going to be a continuous relationship and in other flash points, we would need collaboration to commence work in place for safety.
“We are collaborating in line with government directive to help Nigerians heave a sigh of relief in area of concern,” Amuchi said.
The Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase, lamented that the stretch road has become a source of security concern to the police authority due to the menace of armed robbery and kidnappers.
“The Kogi state Commissioner of Police has been working tirelessly, but because of the nature of forest, it has given succour to hoodlums who always come out of the forest to kidnap people.
“So I decided to seek the assistance of FERMA to see how we can open the space here as part of our security prevention to ensure that the place is safe,” Arase said.
Arase said the on-going vegetation control of the identified black spot is continuous so as to enhance motorists’ visibility and deter criminals from using the highway for their illicit acts.
Arase reiterated that security could not be left to police alone and that other stakeholders were crucial to ensure a secure environment.
 He said that when that axis is taken care of, the agency would face Auchi – Iruekpe and Ehor black spots.
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