Fayose vs Baguda, …. Rice Pyramid vs Stomach Infrastructure


Ayodele Fayose became the Governor of Ekiti state in 2014 while Abubakar Atiku Baguda became Governor of Kebbi state in 2015, while Baguda took N4bn to Bank of Industry (BOI), secured counter funding and got 78,000 people cultivating rice (employment), my own governor Fayose took N4.7 to build the first flyover in Ekiti state.

Gov.Ayodele Fayose distributing rice for people of Ekiti

Gov.Ayodele Fayose distributing rice for people of Ekiti

While the farmers in Kebbi have sold their rice to Lagos state (LAKE RICE) and have moved on to increasing their farm size, my Governor is still battling with how to complete the humongous project that won’t provide a single sustainable job.

Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode (left), with his Kebbi State counterpart, Governor Atiku Bagudu holding a 10kg of the Lake Rice during the official launch at the Banque

Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode (left), with his Kebbi State counterpart ,Governor Atiku Bagudu holding Lake Rice.

While the Kebbi state Governor saw the potentials in processing by partnering with WACOT to provide a N10 billion rice mill that have a production capacity of 100,000 tonnes annually; silos for storing 18,000 tonnes of paddy and a warehouse for storing additional 12,000 tonnes of paddy. When operational, it is expected to generate direct and indirect employment for 3,500 people and its procurement will reach out to 50,000 farmers, my own Governor Fayose has approved the construction of another governor’s office, another high court, reconstruction of the road to his village (even though its next to mine) for several billions of naira.

Kebbi state is not owing any salary and the state government didn’t blame it on PMB whereas Ekiti is owing pensioners as much as 11months while civil servants have 6months unpaid salaries, the difference between these Governors is called good governance with the people at the centre of it.

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Baguda inherited N83bn debt from the previous government, he didn’t blame it on the past government

If you think Fayose is your best Governor because he gives people 1kg of rice plus N500, you need to have your head examined especially if you are from Ekiti state, for those of you that are not from Ekiti state and assume Fayose is the best governor because he insults PMB, you are part of the larger problem.

please go to your state and compare your Governor with Kebbi state Governor, after that, come back and make your comment

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