Falana urges CAN to also Christianise Nigeria

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Femi Falana has called on the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, to Christianise Nigeria the same way it alleges Muslims of Islamising of the country.


He urges the Christian body to ingeniously evolve ways of making life meaningful for the masses through implementation of Christian ethics and values such as offering cheap but qualitative education and setting up interest-free banks for citizens.

Falana threw this challenge on Thursday at the strategic dialogue  roundtable organised by the Social Economic Rights and Accountability, SERAP, held in Lagos.

The former Chairman of West African Bar Association was apparently reacting to CAN’s controversial stance on the N100 billion Sukuk bond offered by the Nigerian government, where it held that the move was an attempt to Islamise Nigeria.

The Federal Government had issued a non-interest asset lease bond to construct 25 major Nigerian roads to accelerate development via massive provision of infrastructures,

Mr. Falana said the Sukuk bond was a legitimate means through which government could generate funds, as practiced in many countries of the world.

He called on CAN to eschew violence and hate speeches that could set Nigerians against one another.

“I am challenging CAN to Christianise Nigerians; christianise us by setting up interest-free banks…” he said.

He also cautioned Christian as well as other religion leaders to be careful in their handling of issues, stressing that suspected kidnapper, Evans, had clerics who worked for him.

By Adeyinka Aremu

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