Late Prof. AbdulHakeem Mobolaji (Omo Alhaja)

A Nigeria Professor of Economics, AbdulHakeem Ishola Mobolaji is dead.

Professor Mobolaji died along with his son, Muhammad in an auto crash on his way to Ibadan from Lagos on Sunday 20TH September, 2015. His second son, Abdul Hafiz and a friend, Barrister Abdul Rasheed Attah survived the accident.

In a statement released on Sunday, Professor Bashir Raji the Vice Chancellor of the Fountain University, Osogbo, Nigeria, described the late scholar as rare gem who perfectly blended modern education with IslamIC civilisation. He said the Management and Staff of Fountain University Fountain will sorely miss Professor Mobolaji who was filled with vision for the University, the Muslim Ummah and the nation at large.

Professor Mobolaji who was due to resume as the Dean, College of Management Sciences in Fountain University held Ph.D degree in Economics, M.A. Islamic Banking and Finance, M.Sc, B.Sc Economics from University of Ibadan. briefly acted as Acting VC of Fountain University, Osogbo.

The Professor of Economics was a leading Islamic figure in Nigeria and the pioneer Chairman Board of Directors of Al-Barakah Microfinance Bank Limited and a Senior Lecturer and Postgraduate Coordinator, Department of Economics University of Ilorin. Prior to this, he was a Senior Lecturer and Head of Department, Department of Economics, Fountain University, Osogbo.

He was among the five economists (in Anglophone West African State) selected through high competitive research to study challenges of integration in ECOWAS countries in 2010-2011.

A highly respected and personable university don has established a reputation both in financial and economics world. He consulted for Financial Institutions, Central Bank of Nigeria, ECOWAS and Nigeria’s Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in the areas of economics and econometric.

An erudite scholar of international repute held Ph.D in Economics, Department of Economics, University of Leicester, UK in 2008. He was an associate Tutor, Management Centre and Department of Economics, University of Leicester. He was also a Senior Research Fellow, Centre for African Research and Resources Development, UK and consulted for Alexander Brookes Training, UK.


Late Prof. Abdulhakeem Mobolaji at an Islamic function during last Ramadan events

An Associate member of Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (ACIT), Member of Nigerian Economic Society, Member of International Association of Islamic Economics, Member Development Studies Association (UK) and a Member African Econometric Society.

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The erudite Professor travelled far and wide and published many Books in diverse areas such as: Islamic Banking and Finance; Recent Issues on Financial Development in Sub-Saharan Africa; and Corruption, Accountability and Good Governance in Nigeria.

He also published Journal of Social Responsibility, Journal of Economic Studies, UK and Journal of Financial Economics. He was an author and editor of several books and publications.

Professor Raji described him as a perfect gentleman and a perfect blend of Islam and modern education who will be sorely missed by the entire Ummah.

A co-lecturer in Fountain University, Kamoru Saluhudeen described Professor Mobolaji as a jewel whose position will be difficult to fill for a long time within the Nigeria academia and the Muslim Community.

We in the therenaissanse join The Fountain University, The University of Ilorin, members of The Muslim Congress and the entire Muslim Ummah in commiserating with his family. May Allah forgive him and his son, Muhammad who also died in the same accident. May He grant quick recovery to his second son, Abdul Hafeez and a coleague, Lawyer Abdul Rasheed Attah that was also involved in the accident.

Professor Mobolaji hailed from Abeokuta, Ogun State,Nigeria, and was survived by two wives and children.

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  1. sulaiman ahmad

    I cannot forget when first I met you at Medinat Estate, Gbagada at the second ITP of the TMC. Since then, you have been a role model to me,
    Sheik Uthaimin was asked about death in traffic accident and he said such is martrydom death like death under a rubble. Your life was full of service to your Creator. May you be accepted to Allah (SWT) as a servant. He’s pleased with how I long to die on this part like you. May Allah make it easy for us as well. I pray to meet you at Prophet Muhammad (saw) fountain on that Day and in Jannah Firdaus. Aamiin.

  2. Oluwashina

    Innalillahi Wa Inna Ilay Rajiuuni. From Allah we come, to Him we shall all return. May Allah Ta’ala grant him Aljanna Firdaus. My condolence goes to the immediate family, The Muslim Congress and all his friends and associates.

  3. O Allah, you are GREAT. Inalillahi Wainailae Rajeehun. May Almighty Allah forgive our Professor and grant him Aljanat Fridaus. May Allah be with his family. This is a Great lost to we Muslim and Nigeria in General. Oh Allah forgive Professor Abdul Hakeem and grant him Aljanah. Allahumo Aamin.

  4. hafsah kalejaiye

    May Allah forgive him and his son,illuminate their grave and grant them Al jannatul firdaus.We will forever miss you.I pray Allah give d family and the Ummah the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.
    A Great man died in the best of days in a state of Ibaadah,on His course in a Great month(Dhul Hijjah).
    There is no doubt in my mind that Allah will accept him as a true servant.
    As we are approaching d day f Arafah,i pray Allah make accountability easy for him.Amin

  5. Saheedah Adekoya

    Exit of an Icon!!! May Allah (SWT) forgive his shortcomings and that of his son. Allah will grant the family the fortitude to bear the loss and l also pray for the quick recovery of those still in the hospital. lts indeed a great loss to the entire Muslim ummah and the nation at large.

  6. hammed Abiola

    Innalilah wa inna lahi rajihun…. May Allah be pleased with his soul and forgive him and all other dead Muslims throughout history and protect us all from hell on Earth and hereafter

  7. Jokomba Abdul Azeez

    May Allah in His Infinite Mercy grant them Al-Jannah Firdausi. May He guard and guide his families.
    May Allah Grant his son and colleague quick recovery from d accident

  8. usman

    inna llillah may Allah forgive him and grant him jannah. may Allah make his children also heros beyond his as well as we the well wishers

  9. Ibrahim Odusanya

    The muslim ummah has indeed lost an erudite and humble scholar. May Allah grant him and his son Al-jannah Firdaous and grant the ummah the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.

  10. dr Abdullai Lawal

    May Allah Forgive him and his son and Other departed Muslims. May he accept all his acts of Ibadah and Make him an inmate of paradise including other departed Muslims

  11. Sheriff

    His sudden exit form this mother earth is a colossal loss to the entire muslim ummah and the nation at large. His creator knows best, we cannot query Him for taking him away now that his services and genorousity is neede among all….. No doubt, he lived an exemplary life full of humane and blend with amiable/enviable islamic colouration. Adieu Prof Mobolaji!

  12. Bolusayo

    He was my best lecturer at university of Ilorin. He was a great man, very cheerful, humble and patient. He was fair to everyone irrespective of their religion. He is a man worth emulating. Above all he believes in people and motivates others. I’m grateful to God to have met him and glad to be among the last set of students he taught in economics department at university of Ilorin when he was the head of department. He’s a true leader… May His Soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.

  13. Mesele Omolara

    He was a very gud lecturer. Its still hard for me to believe he is no more. He was a very gud friend. He was always willing to help students. He was just too much. May his rest rest in perfect peace. HMMMMMM

  14. Azeezat Ajeyemi Abdulazeez

    You remain in our hearts and your legacy lives on.May Allah grant Prof Mobolaji and Muhammad aljanatu fidawz… Ameen

  15. olapeju jempeji

    Closely I just know the reason why Umar (R.A) did not blv d@ d prophet was dead, despite d fact d@ he knows d@ the only barrier between the prophet and Al-Jannah is death.

  16. Yusuf Abiodun

    May Allah forgive you and your son and bless you with Al-Janaat. To the families and brethren on the path :Allahumo ajirni fi musibatih wakhlifini khaeran miniha.

  17. Afimia

    With a heavy heart and tears in my eyes, I pray to God to grant your soul (my friend, mentor and my role model) eternal rest. May your soul continue to rest in peace.

  18. Ajibola Olayinka A

    Hummm……How shld I 4gt my last presentation as pioneer student of Fountain University Osogbo,dat u came 2 my rescue by making my project valuable infront of odas Lecturers dt critizized me.Imagine l’m 4rm Accounting nt Economics dpt….”Jibola I luv ur project topic bcoz I ws looking 4 materials on auditing since” .Thou it painful 2 loose u……. bt Almighty God knows more dan us………….RIP!

  19. Jamiu Anaseku

    He’s an embodiment of knowledge and humility. He touches people’s lives positively.
    May Allah forgive him and his son and admit them to Aljanatul firdaws

  20. Muhammad Lawal

    Words alone cannot describe him. He is an epitome of Wisdom, bliss and success. May Allah grant him and his son Aljanat’ul Firdaus.

  21. Bilikis

    I never had the privilege of meeting him, wish I did~But reading the good things everyone had to say about him, shows he was unquestionably a good man, religion irrespective. When a scholar dies, not only have we lost an individual, but a wealth of knowledge. May Allah grant all that knew him the fortitude to bear this great loss…his families in particular. And may he be granted Jannah for all the good he did, his shortcomings forgiven. A great loss indeed!

  22. PELEOWO Hakeem Ishola

    Prof. Abdul Hakeem Ishola’s death no doubt showed and pointed to the fact that life is but a fading shadow. Ever since i knew him, he has by Allah’s help has been preparing 4death. He too never expected this but still he wasnt 4once oblivious of it.He was a man of integrity and principles. Hardly would u see anyone who has met him even once b4 but that he would been inspired by his oratory skills and indept knowledge. He was older than me but he took me as friend. To sum it up, he was a successful and great accomplisher. He died while fasting, died in the first days of Dhul Hijjah, died after participated in a meeting dedicated2 spread the message of Islam, died in an auto crash towards d end of a day, died in the hands of d beloved ones, thousands participated in his janazah from all walks of life, buried on Monday and many more. May Allah accept all his worship and admit him in’to Aljannah. Let us all work 4dis same day when death will come to us all of a sudden.

  23. PELEOWO Hakeem Ishola

    Prof. Abdul Hakeem Ishola’s death no doubt showed and pointed to the fact that life is but a fading shadow. Ever since i knew him, he has by Allah’s help been preparing 4death which he met a few days ago. Though he too never expected this fate on that day but still he wasn’t 4once oblivious of its possibility.He was a man of great integrity and sound principles. Hardly would u see anyone who has met him even for once b4 that would not be inspired by his oratory skills and indept knowledge. He was older than me but yet he took me as one of his friends. By Allah’s bounty, he was made a successful and great accomplisher. Imagine! He died while fasting, ..died in the first days of Dhul Hijjah, ..died after participated in a meeting dedicated2 spread the message of Islam, ..died in an auto crash towards d end of a day, ..died in the hands of d beloved ones,.. thousands participated in his janazah from all walks of life,.. buried on Monday and many more lucks. May Allah accept all his worship and admit him into His AlJannah. Let us all work 4dis same day when death will come to us all of a sudden.

  24. muhammed Thanni Toliah

    May his soul and that of his son be admitted into jannat Firdaus and my dad that just passed on recently Alhummo Aameen.

  25. Ibrahim Odenike

    From Allah we originated and to Him is our final return. May Allah reward him and his son with Al-janat firdaus. He has indeed left a wide gap to be filled by man of his kind.

  26. Aleemah Ghazali

    Prof. Mobolaji an erudite Islamic scholar,a father, mentor indeed met him in UNILORIN. I pray may Allah forgives him and son and make him and his son an inmate of paradise.

  27. Akere Adeola Abdulquadri

    I remember the question he asked me when i was introduced to him as the NESA president 2012/13 academic session at the university of Ilorin: Do you want to be a subject of history or an object of history? that question became my guiding principle throughout my tenure. He was indeed a fine man. May ALLAH grant you Al-janat firdaus

  28. Mikail Ibn Jummaa Atolagbe

    May Allaah illuminate his grave, that of his son Muhammad and the dead Muslims. May Allaah

    replace his lost to the family and the Ummah.

  29. MUSTAPHA Luqman

    May Allah grant us the fortitude to bear the colossal loss in the aviary of Interest-free financial institution in Oyo State. We are looking forward to enjoying the wealth of his experience to guide our intending Micro-finance bank operation but Allah knows best of all things. May Allah bless him with Aljanah Fridaws.

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