ÈŞÙ, “Devil” Abani woran… 


He who deals with trade by barter
Any soul that engage with him
Exchanges rings and vanity.
As his soul Is concocted with sinister.

Greedy eye races to him
For wealthy proverty that dies
ÈŞÙ grants delusional desires
And shrinks all you own to dust.

The barren kisses it feet,
To remain fertile and bear fruits
ÈŞÙ grants the sterile shadowy souls
That is swallowed by land in precipitation.

The sinister dances to his melody
Slaughtering hopes, drowning innocent foes.
In malicious valleys of blood
They forget that they shall reap what they sow.

He who gives something in return for all
The dwarf dresses like the ankere
Claiming to be tall but he was soon
Absorb by the oesophagus of the soil.

The Devil who sits behind scene
Laughing at the short route to success
You’ve taken and the shorter route to death
You embarking on.

Azeezah Olatunde (PenTalks) is a member of TRNG Writers Club

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