Elect the electables


By Adeoye Abdur-Rasheed

Unraveling before our eyes is the tale of a people; who form a numerical majority but an executive minority, whose right to religion is deprived or grossly undermined, whose youths are unemployable due to inadequate knowledge, skills, faith and good conduct; who are economically impoverished; whose dignity is crushed, who have societal growth and self-nurtured inferiority complex.

But why, what have they done to deserve this? We dare ask! The taproots of their woes have now become visible! What have they done to deserve this? We dare ask!

Their clerics shunned the path that evolved their leaders… claiming the path was soiled… not befitting their ‘holiness’; their technocrats and politicians who were involved had no agenda to right the wrongs of their people. On the contrary, they implemented or supported decrees which proved harmful to the practice of their religion.

Simply because they were placed under the dubious spell of a ‘sectarian state’ and the rest of them only followed the ‘norm’ like the tides of the sea. If it rose here they followed and if it rose there, they followed still!

Who are these people? Of course you are right! They are the Muslims in a geographical entity called Nigeria. How then can they unlock the shackles of religious persecution and poor living standards?

Tell their clerics to participate actively in the ‘soiled path’ for their piety, equity and wisdom will rid the path of the ills of secularism; tell their followers, be they observers, technocrats or politicians that the way to correct their anomalous condition is to awaken from their slumber of ‘party loyalty’ and ‘political docility’ and instead, embrace political activism by promoting and electing leaders who will tend to their cause and restore the much needed balance in their multi-religious landscape.

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Tell them collectively that by participating in the elections they would prevent the worst set of people from grasping the helms of power, people who will spread mischief in the land, empty the country’s reserve, abandon the welfare of the populace and hand them over to terrorists by not protecting lives and property.

Inform them that if they refused to participate, they become guilty of the crime of aiding and abetting mischief, of encouraging gross impunity and the persecution of their people because of the faith they profess.

Remind them of the fact that not participating would mean they would be signing another 4-year contract for hunger, civil strife, terrorism, poor infrastructure, nepotism and corruption, and above all, a bleak future.

Dear reader, ensure this message reaches every citizen of this formerly “Great Country” for you would have fulfilled your obligation of passing beneficial information. Do not slacken … do not be afraid and as you pass this message, encourage them to ACT!

Get your PVC, if you have not and exercise your theological, moral and civil right.

Adeoye Abdur-Rasheed

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  1. Yinka Salaam

    Muslim must first wake up and realise that real da’wah is not and cannot be restricted to the four walls of the Mosque but to the entire world, and in doing that they need power, influence and authority. ‘Commanding what is right and forbidden what is wrong’ can definitely not be done only be preaching. Internationally too, everybody knows that to push your belief or spread your ideology, you must have at least a Super Power behind you. That is the reason behind Moamar Gadhafi’s defeat, the reason behind Saddam’s end, the reason behind Morsi’s overthrow and the very reason behind Syria’s stalemate. Is it surprising that tyrant Al Sisi is looking toward Russian’s friendship and assistance?

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