Egyptian Court withdraw Brotherhood loyalists from terror list

Muslim Brotherhood

A top Egyptian court on Tuesday removed 31 members and supporters of the hitherto outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group from the terrorist list over a case related to the deadly protests in 2014.

Mohamed Morsi, former president of Egypt

Mohamed Morsi, former president of Egypt

The Court of Cassation removed the 31 Brotherhood loyalists from the terror list over charges of involvement in the violent protests in Cairo’s Ain Shams district in early 2014 that left three citizens dead, including a journalist, a woman and a child, the official MENA news agency reported.

The 2014 protests erupted after then army chief, Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, now the newly re-elected president, announced running for president a year after he ousted former President, Mohamed Morsi, of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In the same case, Cairo Criminal Court sentenced in February, 17 defendants to 25 years in jail, nine to 15 years, four to 10 years and two to seven years while it acquitted 15 of the charges of committing acts of violence.

Since Morsi’s ouster in July 2013, Egypt has been facing a wave of terror attacks that have killed hundreds of policemen and soldiers, as well as civilians.

A Sinai-based militant group, affiliated with the regional terror group, has claimed responsibility for most of the attacks.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian forces have killed hundreds of terrorists and arrested thousands of suspects during the country’s anti-terror war declared by al-Sisi following Morsi’s ouster.

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