Economic recession, consequence of corruption – AbdulHakeem

The Lagos State Commissioner For Home Affairs, Dr AbdulHakeem AbdulLateef, says the current economic recession in Nigeria is product of various corrupt practices in all phacet of the nations sphere.

Dr AbdulHakeem AbdulLateef, the Lagos State Commissioner For Home Affairs.

Dr AbdulHakeem AbdulLateef, the Lagos State Commissioner For Home Affairs.

AbdulLateef made the remarkes at the annual Symposium organised of the Muslim Postgraduate Association (MPA), University of Lagos branch at the weekend in Lagos.

He, however, raised hopes that the recession would soon become a thing of the past, if the fight against the corruption at all levels of governance, is sustained.

Delivering a paper titled: “Current Nigeria Economic Crisis: Islam, The Antidote,” at the event, Abdullateef said that societal crises hindering growth were numerous.

He explained that failure of man to recognise and adhere to the guidance of the ownership of the Country and its inhabitants was the genesis of Nigeria’s economic crisis.

“We are in a world created and managed by Allah. Every product one can think of, is created by an individual, the inventor of such product knows how best to manage such it.

“Since Allah created every inventor and every available resources in Nigeria then He has the best provisions on how to manage both human and material resources He has given to His creatures,” he said.

Noting that economics was about the management of resources endowed man by his creator, Abdullateef said Nigerians must do away with corrupt practices, interest and trading in items that destroy the economy.

The commissioner implored Nigerians to embrace mechanised farming, this he said would address the rising unemployment, shortage of food supply and enhance revenue generation.

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“Our lands are fertile, we have the best weather condition. Allah has blessed us with wisdom, which He didn’t give the animals, so why do we fail to utilise the wisdom to have industrialised agricultural sector”

“Quran is the manual of life, it is the guidance for peaceful living. Whoever follows the guidance of Allah will never experience economic recession or any form of societal crisis,” he said.

He observed that with the resources bestowed on Nigeria by Allah, no Nigerians should suffer to assess qualitative education at all levels.

“Enjoying health care services, housing and any other essentials of life should not be problem,” the commissioner said.

He condemning man made economy, which he said, was based on individualistic approach, maintaining that Islamic economy “is collective with focus on all round socio economic development.

“Islamic economy guarantees a society where no one struggles to be educated from primary to tertiary level.

“Provisions of jobs, assess to qualitative health care delivery, safety of lives and property are prioritised.

“It does not allow corruption to grow but create conducive atmosphere for people of other faith to live happily and coexist with others without any hindrance”.

The commissioner added that Nigerians needed to activate growth by changing their evil ways for recession to disappear.

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