Don’t Turn Our Senate To A Chamber of Criminals

The Senate Committee on Ethics, Privileges and Public Petitions; led by Senator Sam Anyawu needs to go for a short or crash course on the duties and responsibilities of the Senate. A situation where a Senate committee turns itself into law interpreter makes a mockery of the hallowed chamber.

Senator Sam Anyawu

Senator Sam Anyawu

The statutory roles of the legislature have been clearly defined by the constitution. Their roles are: representation, legislation and oversight. The legislature can make laws, but the interpretation of such laws is not their duty. It is not within the confines of their jurisdiction. It is the prerogative of the Judiciary to interpret laws when litigations are filed in the court. It is crass absurdity for the Senate to arrogate power that is exclusive to the Judiciary to itself. No one does that. This egregious arrogance typifies the some Senators as advocates of absurdism.

The essence of this clarification came at the instance of the latest command by Senator Anyawu’s Senate Committee on Public Petitions on the lifting of freezing order placed by EFCC on Patience Jonathan mother’s bank account. This is undoubtedly beyond the purview of the Senate’s statutory responsibilities. The Senate cannot be the player and the referee at the same time. Nowhere in the constitution is such an absolute status vested in the legislature. Instead of offering safe haven to past and present corrupt officials, they should rather focus on the job they are elected for.

Also, these members of the Red Chamber should understand that they represent a people (a senatorial district). They should be wary of the consequences of their actions and inactions. Our senators should not drag the name of their peoples in the mud. If they are not ashamed of their acts, their peoples are ashamed of their actions.

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By Adejare Ibrahim

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