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Explicitly, in a narration from an erudite scholar who derives unequivocal joy in telling stories, Abu Umar Al Faruqi said, “In a village where its inhabitants are in need of GOLD, there are two people who actually claim to possess the gold, with one is the original Gold but he keeps it to himself; but the other with the fake Gold would continue to proclaim, “Here is the Gold!” and apparently would have more followers. Foolishly, the former would tell people close to him, “Don’t mind that idiot, I have the original gold, it is here with me.”


Definitely, this is the similitude of the present day Muslims. Behold, like the possessor of the original gold, we hide the originality of religion and unblemished spirituality, refusing to propagate it whereas, our rivals, the non-Muslims in clear terms, are the latter.

“If I keep quiet and you also keep quiet about an evil, who then will right the wrong”, said Shaykh-ul-islam, Ibn Taimiyyah in one of his writings.

With this attitude, it continues to baffle me, whenever I see non-Muslim preachers (particularly Christians) put aside their prestige to address passengers in the bus. They probably might not have a fixed destination but would surely board the bus with you and spread the gospel!! And the question that readily comes to mind is: why are Muslims who lay claim to the right and final message to humanity not doing same?

Some might say it’s an issue of prestige but is that the case in the real sense? What prestige? On the contrary, the Prophet of Islam had more prestige before the call to Prophethood. Meccans knew him as the Trustworthy, but when he started his mission they denounced him, they forsake him and sent him out of his home town. The same as Abubakr and other companions of the Prophet, may Allah be pleased with them all. They all put their honour and prestige in line just for the message to get down to us.

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Imam Hassan Al-Banna was another prominent example. He explained how he preached in the coffee house and in buses. Is prestige then important than propagating your Deen?

The demand

Meanwhile, it is obvious that an empty cup cannot pour water and whoever is empty or untrained cannot give what he doesn’t have. Islam is surely a comprehensive religion, so, if you conclude to go and preach in the bus or in the market place, do you have what it takes to speak eloquently and confidently? Most Muslim adults unlike Christian chaps are not eloquent when talking.

The reason for this is not far-fetched – the reading habit of Muslim youths today calls for urgent attention. Most of them, rather than read and gain confidence depend on ‘Qaala Sheikh’ – sayings of their Imams without extra research. Ironically, these are those who argue blindly, standing on “My Alfa said it’s this or that” what a mess! That is also the reason they can ‘survive’ outside the Islamic gathering, just as they cannot engage in any intellectual debate with non-Muslims. One they feel threatened or defeated in any argument, they resort to abuses and name calling.

Effective methods

Ordinarily, some might even be informed, eloquent and confident but lack effective methodologies. Every student therefore needs to understand the methodologies of Da’wah under informed teachers Reading will surely help out here.

Significantly, encouragement from Muslims around is also important. In a bus where a Muslim is preaching and requires attention, other Muslims may be seen either distracting or showing nonchalance.

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In all, we all need to get on our feet and start working relentlessly to propagate the pristine Islam. Countless number of people have gone with or are living with wrong impression concern untoward information they have been fed with about Islam since they have no access to alternative explanation. Another impression being created is that, if you truly possess the authentic message, why then do you feel shy to address it address it in public places.

Today, many who receive cheap dollars from Saudi Arabia feel very comfortable to organise intra-Muslims debates rather than sponsor preachers to public places to spread the message. Or are they waiting for another group to take up the responsibility so they could embark on another round of condemnations and criticisms.

Conclusively, it must be noted that it is never beyond the capacity of Allah to replace any set of people with another if they neglet the task, abandon the message. Hence, let the game begin!

Abdulbasit Abdusalam,
Department of Geosciences, Unilag.
Add: 09096562317; abdulbasit4islam@gmail.com.

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