Desperate Rantings of the Elders…

It may be right to conclude that the dust has virtually settled on the unfortunate venom of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the attendant livid vituperations of the National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) that drew the ire of Nigerians, including the Christian faithful against them, but it is also essential to put issues in proper perspective to prevent constant bile and hate speeches that unnecessarily heat the polity and tend to put innocent citizens against one another just for mere political and pecuniary gains of the religious leaders.


It apparent that NCEF and its parent body, CAN have willingly become blinded by the extreme rage and age-long animosity they harbour against Islam and the Nigerian Muslims, so much that they have lost all sense of fair-judgment reasonability and propriety. The undiluted but inherited hate passed down from the Christian colonial masters have ultimately made them lost every sense of direction. Ordinarily elderly people are expected to be more balanced, restrained and circumspect in handling issues (more especially of National importance) however the case of NCEF seem to be the exact opposite – they would rather cut off the nose just to spite the face.

This is indeed what you get when people elevate religious bigotry and fanaticism to an abysmal level. The toxic poison of these evils cannot produce anything but misguidance, self delusion and wanton destruction, if left unchecked.

The NCEF appear not satisfied with the fact that the impropriety and notoriety of CAN as crisis-mongers in the recent past has already pushed our country to the precipice but seem to be the one to give the final push into cataclysm – we pray God forbids

Else, what will it have cost NCEF to truthfully, objectively and intelligently conduct a due diligence analysis on the issue at hand before rushing to the press to back the position of the already discredited and unpopular CAN?
Or is there a deliberate game plan on course which they have not revealed? Why is it that this needless noise happens each time the government tries to put in place, structures and polices to revamp our ailing economy. Could it have been that NCEF and CAN are truly playing the spoiler as opposition agents (as being rumoured in some quarters) or are they still suffering from the post 2015 election hangovers?

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Unfortunately these elders have invented another dictionary meaning for Sukuk – “stealth Jihad”. This claim is the height of absurdity in the current mindless show of impropriety. Perhaps the ‘esteemed’ elders need to educate the world why David Cameron, the former Prime Minister of Britain and countries like Australia, Kenya and particularly the predominantly Buhdist China with a population of over 1.3 billion people will chose to embrace the ‘dangerous’ Sukuk. Perhaps, they also want to be sold to the Arabs and Jihadist Muslims through the backdoor. Sure, there must have been something interesting about this ‘nascent’ form of Jihad that even the ‘non-democratic’ China finds it irresistible. NCEF and CAN will also do well by coming clean on how many of similar ‘Stealth Jihadists’ they have produced so far – people who are not only financial experts but who were sponsored by churches  and have now become PhD holders in Islamic Finance.

We often meet some of these Christian Islamic Finance experts who regularly lament how  Muslims who traditionally own this concepts have not been maximizing the immense opportunities afforded by the Shariah Compliant Financial  instruments.

Perhaps these non-Muslims Islamic Finance experts will be able to educate NCEF leaders about their false claim that Shariah Compliant Finance (SCF)  are not necessarily rooted in the Quran, Hadith and traditions of early Islam but “invented in the mid-20th Century by Muslim Brotherhood figures”. If they are not rooted in the Quran, Hadith and traditions of early Islam as claimed by NCEF, could it then have emerged from the blues? Do these so called elders know for instance, that the longest verse ( Q2:282 -taking a whole page) in the Qur’an does not address any other topic but the Rules and Ethics of financial transactions?  Indeed, what monstrous calamity extreme ignorance and half-knowledge can cause! No wonder the Bible says : ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge”

Playing the ostrich

So NCEF has now suddenly realised the ‘difference’ between capitalism and Christianity – how ‘there are structures and institutions developed by Capitalist states which have formed the bedrock of modern Capitalist societies’ and  how ‘Interestingly, most of the Capitalist states are secular’. Fair argument indeed for the gullible? Only that they forgot to add that the Queen of England remains the Head of the Church of England. They also hypocritically refused to add that our laws derived essentially from the British Common Law which took its spirit, custom and traditions from Christianity – the Religion of the State .

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Hence, the Christian induced legacies which pervades all areas of our lives  (education, judiciary,  health, festivities etc) as a formal British colony. The colonial masters met Islam centuries old in practice among the people when they arrived our shores, yet worked hand-in–hand with the Christian missionaries to precipitate forced conversions of Muslims just because they wanted to acquire education. The vestiges of this deliberate policy is still visible till today while Muslims remain committed to mutual tolerance and refusing to rock the boat.

The untold truth is that these diabolic elders fear that the already, almost completely Christianised Muslims may soon be de-Christianised with the new wave of self-consciousness and steady revivalism!

Invariably, the appreciation of this baffling and confounding fact, leading to the unexpected hysteria from CAN and the immature behaviour of the childish elders, made a fellow but an objective, critically minded Christian, Otunba Olufemi Fadairo wrote on Facebook as quoted on Petra Akinti Onyegbule’s wall:

“I feel so much shame for educated Christians who parrot this inane line of a plot to islamise Nigeria. They live their lives under a crippling fear of being Islamised.

“What does that even mean? Humans with brains for thinking would come up with crap fit only for the trash bin and other humans with brains would circulate them with glee, gasps Warrashame. Warrapity.

“Last weekend at NDA’s Passing Out Parade in Kaduna, the military band churned one melodious tune one after another. All familiar tunes; familiar because they are Christian hymns and a few indigenous choruses sang in Churches. This was at a military function. And no, it wasn’t a one-off event. When next you are at an event where a military band plays, listen attentively and you just might recognize one or two hymns. And as I shook my head/body to the melody the band belted out, I mentally took note of how Muslims were not throwing tantrums over this non-issue but how Christians would have cried wolf should tables be turned. They’d have ran to town screaming yeeeeeeeeee!!!! egba wa oooooooooo!!!! we are being islamized oooooooooo!!!! without thinking it through and without a modicum of shame.

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I am ashamed of, and on behalf of this crop of Christians who live under a mortal fear of being Islamised. I am sure Christ himself would be ashamed of them too. How come is it that Muslims are not afraid of being christianised but Christians run from pillar to post disgracing the Gospel of Liberalization Christ gave us by ranting and raving over shadows. One minute you attend meetings of interreligious dialogues towards religious harmony in the country the next you are granting pitiable press statements accusing no one of a non existent plot to Islamise you…

That was how this group of zero esteem charlatans masquerading as Christians ran to town with claims Governor Yahaya Bello was going to Islamize Kogi State by upgrading 6 unity schools for better quality. Whenever I hear such debasing argument from anyone, it doesn’t matter Christian sounding clerical title they prefix to their names or robe they wear, I know they are nothing but pretenders to the Christian kingdom.

Look around you and see the numerous Christian influences in our lives and National Calendar then ask yourself why Muslims are not afraid of being christianized. You don’t know? I will tell you for free: it is because they are sure of their faith. They are so rooted in their belief that they do not see how a policy that should benefit them would amount to Islamisation. Like that Catholic hymn, they know that their hearts are set on a solid foundation unlike you whose is built on sand. What a shame. What a bleeding shame.

Real Christians don’t live in fear. Fear is not of God for there’s no fear in God.

These religious associations seem to have outlived their usefulness and in my oopi they should have their activities proscribed since they cannot serve as tools for unification. But who will bell the cat?
CAN, enter house and stop disgracing yourselves. Taaaaaaa!,” Fadairo concluded.

With the above submission from on amiable Christian Brother, need I say no more.

By Jamiu Jaji writes from Lagos

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