Commissioner seeks reward for, sanction against law and order

– Condemns Agatu Killings

A sustained reward and punishment system have been advocated as a way to promote law and order with a view to re-positioning Nigeria among the comity of nations.

AbdulLateefDr AbdulHakeem AbdulLateef, the Lagos State Commissioner for Home Affairs, gave this advice during the weekend in Lagos.

AbdulLateef attributed the increasing cases of electoral violence, bribery, looting of treasury and corruption to the failure of the Judiciary to prosecute and punish those found culpable of such crimes.

“When criminals move freely in the society, the message you are passing is that there is no punishment for criminality.

“Then those who do not subscribe to criminality are discouraged.

“The death of reward and punishment system in the education Sector has also led to the increase in examination malpractice and production of half baked graduates,” the commissioner said.

He explained that punishment would serve as deterrent to correct them and to serve as deterrent to others who may be thinking of embracing such evils.

“Look at what is happening in Rivers State, you are killing soldiers and innocent citizens because of rerun election.

”The intention can never be to enhance the welfare of the people.

“Electoral violence will continue since those who perpetrated electoral violence in the past were not jailed.

”When the judicial system is reformed, Nigeria will be reformed.

“Whoever inflicts hardship on fellow citizens will be inflicted with pains and hardship by His Lord.

”Let us stop protecting criminals in whatever form irrespective of their social status, tribe or religious affiliations,”AbdulLateef argued.

The Commissioner urged parents and guardians to Institute reward and punishment system at homes.

He stressed that it was important for parents to reward children when they do good and warned against indulging them in activities that could turn them into criminals.

According to him, the revival of the reward system at all levels of governance is essential to put Nigeria on the right track.

The law expert remarked that those who manufacture fake products and had cut short many lives hail from the society and must live by the law of the land.

”If the reward and punishment system is potent, such activity and other criminal activities like importation of contraband goods that is killing local manufacturers will not become the order of the day.

Condemning the recent killings in Benue State, the Commissioner said that there is no sense in protecting animals and killing human beings.

He therefore implored the Federal Government to adopt the global best in livestock practices by providing grace land for cattle breeders.

“It is wrong to destroy some people’s farm because you want to feed your animals.

”Man will eat cows so why should people be killed because of cattle.

”Do unto others what you want people to do to you. Let there be grace land for cattle”, he said.

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