Clog on Wheel of Progress: A Response to Machinations and Issuance of Threat by nPDP in APC

Perusing the unfounded claims of maltreatment by the former leaders of new the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the All Progressives Congress (APC) as contained in their letter to the APC National Chairman, brought to fore one of the Africa philosophical standpoint, which is the understanding of the implications of romancing the devil for the purpose of achieving desired accomplishments.

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Receiving such gestures is described as an exchange for your salvation as the devil will eventually demand rewards that are capable of ruining both your achievement and reputation.
The salient campaign strategies by the two major contenders at the 2015 Presidential Election, were premised on opposition’s attack against the then ruling party (PDP) for entrenching impunity in the system to a level where public funds were pocketed by the political office holders and their allies, with an unprecedented rate of corruption in Nigeria.
While the then opposition party (APC) assured the electorates of correcting the notable anomalies through entrenchment of the rule of law, to address palpable challenges confronting Nigerians on economic, security and attitudinal fronts via viable anti-corruption crusade and sincerity of purpose in governance, the then ruling party resulted to spending spree to sway the minds of the electorate.
This is in order to sustain the order of sharing the commonwealth among the political class, while the rest of the citizens wanders in abject poverty, envisaged by predictions of austerity and economic recession, witnessed among strong economies as at that time. This eventually led to the low market price of crude oil globally which aided our economy into recession and poor foreign exchange.
Prior to the merger of forces that formed the APC, there were serious challenges in the running of the activities of the then Governors’ Forum, where President Jonathan supported former Gov. Jonah Jang to declare faction against the Gov. Rotimi Amaechi leadership, which led to witch hunt of five governors on the platform of PDP that eventually joined forces with the then opposition party.
The efforts put together by Nigerians that supported the change mantra was rubbished in the letter by the new PDP to the APC National Chairman signed by Kawu Baraje and former Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola dated 8th May, 2018, where it claimed they delivered their States to the APC at the Presidential polls as if the electorates who are not registered members of political parties had no stake at that election.
Their claims can be classified as “impious villains” for claims of making the difference through sacrifice which they claimed was never acknowledged by President Muhammadu Buhari. President Muhammadu Buhari is renowned for his standpoints of integrity and fairness in judgement as a premise for appointments they claimed being ostracized.
Back to the memory lane, the new PDP was already ostracized by the then leadership of PDP that already created alternatives to them in their respective States, in a State like Rivers, it degenerated to physical attacks while the four other States were tensed for the new PDP members to sustain their previous grips within the PDP, hence finding solace in the avalanche of opportunity inherent in the change mantra offered by the opposition parties that formed APC.
In contrast to the dubious claim of aiding the victory of APC at the Presidential Election in North West and North Central in 2015, the result of previous elections in North West and North Central where President Muhammadu Buhari earlier contested showed that, he is well loved by commoners who always stand by his aspirations.
The results of States they are trying to claim the glory in 2015 when compared with the 2011 Election, where President Muhammadu Buhari contested on the platform of CPC without the support of the new PDP, exposed their machinations, preset trajectory and subterfuge to jettison the APC platform for want of unmerited glory and undeserved grip on the structures of APC at all levels and wield influence over the Presidency in an unholy manner as shown in their grieve mentioned in the letter.
In the 2011 Presidential Election, President Muhammadu Buhari of the then CPC recorded these votes in their acclaimed strongholds: Kano 1,624,543, Kebbi 501,453, Sokoto 540,769, Kwara 83,603, Gombe 459,898, Adamawa 344,526, Jigawa 663,994, Kogi 132,201, Benue 109,680.
When critically analysed, it was only in Kwara that a skeletal effect was noticed, which confirm the mentality of the leader of Kwara Politics that turned himself to a demigod in APC, that derailed the anti corruption crusade of the government and responsible for promoting scuffles within the APC fold, to undermine the efforts of President Muhammadu Buhari as manifested in the leadership imbroglio in the Senate and its attendant effect on good governance, bickering among party stalwarts through cunning hijack of the leadership of the party, which Senator Bukola Saraki was instrumental to all the damages.
Will it not be ideal, to conclude that had the Senate President and his followers in Kwara had not supported APC in 2015, they would have been defeated by the wind of change that blew in 2015 through massive support of the commoners, instead of acknowledging the massive support enjoyed by Mr President that affected strong personalities like Governors Sule Lamido of Jigawa and Aliyu Babangida of Niger State, a glory being vainly attached to Senator Bukola Saraki.
To dispel the fraudulent claims, one of the core leaders of the new PDP Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso was openly abandoned by the new PDP at the National Convention in Lagos in 2014, where they claimed they supported the candidacy of President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Primaries, but one begin to imagine where the huge votes gathered by Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso at the primaries surfaced from, in a free and fair election, it was a secret ballot anyway, as such, anyone can fake a facade.
By the abandoning of a member of the new PDP at that primaries by those complaining of marginalisation today, does it not amount to hypocrisy as the so-called new PDP no longer exist in principles, by their action and spirit of newly firmed APC, which translated to a one united party since the conduct of the Presidential Election.
Shortly after the emergence of the APC, the noise and actions of the new PDP formation in APC had caused more damage than good with regular complaints against the personality of President Muhammadu Buhari, whom they earlier succeeded to pitch against the rallying figure and foremost leader of APC Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, whose influence they demeaned in all ways possible, while they frustrated the anti corruption crusade of Mr President through the Senate disdain for rule of law as they opposed the trial of Former Gov. Bukola Saraki, who incidentally is the Senate President by alleging persecution from the Presidency, which has slowed than the activities of government to revamp the economy and abate corruption.
It is on record and good authority that the Senate President has been in an unholy romance with most of the personalities under probe, which to a great extent, has ridiculed the image of the Senate before unbiased Nigerians.
The claim of maltreatment in APC simply because majority are supporting change of the leadership of the APC National Working Committee, where the new PDP hold major sway to an extent with Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi, an appendage of the Senate President that emerged as the APC Publicity Secretary without opposition by the personalities they are painting in bad light today.
But because their mischievous tendencies have been revealed to all, they are making a mountain out of a molehill by heating up the polity to guarantee an escape from APC in a manner they did with PDP in 2014. It is a known fact that majority of the so-called new PDP have their nominees in several Federal Board Appointments while the ordinary party folks that belonged not to their cliche and gave APC better support in 2015 are suffering in silence.
Since the advent of democracy in Nigeria, most presidential election witnessed alliances among political gladiators of different political background. But taking a cursory look at the antecedents of the fold which Sen. Bukola Saraki belong, the patriarch of the political structure he inherited in Kwara, always follow self-interest, mostly at variance with the interest of the political party he belonged, which the Senate President has been displaying same treachery for time immemorial.
In 1999, it was APP and AD alliance against the PDP, while Late Olusola Saraki belonged to the APP, as the controller of the politics of Kwara State, he worked against the Presidential Candidate of his party and delivered the votes of Kwara to PDP without decamping from APP as at that time and eventually negotiated the position of Special Assistant to President Olusegun Obasanjo on Budget Affairs for his Son who later became the Governor of Kwara State and the Senate President of Nigeria today, after they dumped the APP in 2002 to join the PDP upon a political crisis with his estranged god son late Governor Muhammad Lawal of the blessed memory.
In 2015, when the Senate President observed that his interest was no longer protected by the PDP, he sought new alliance that gave him relevance today and now that the stakes no longer appears good enough to satisfy his urge for endless political powers and unchallenged influence where ever he holds sway, he is caught between the option of either behaving like his father in 1999 or repeating his 2014 political stunt.
It is on record that the Senate President, as the outgoing Governor of Kwara State in 2011, stopped at nothing to outplay his biological father and cut off his influence completely from the politics of Kwara State, a situation that degenerated to a family crisis between him and Sen. Gbemisola Saraki who would have won the governorship election in 2011, if he had supported her aspiration.
This situation led to a failed health for the patriarch of the family, Late Sen. Olusola Saraki, who was unceremoniously displaced by his first child that overpowered him, by installing a stooge, Gov. AbdulFatah Ahmed, who was his former Commissioner for Finance, to ensure the continuity of his style of performance. Kwara people were either applauding or groaning over today (reservations but you can ask an average Kwara if they are pleased with their Governor and his political godfather).
The essence of the above revelation is to prepare the minds of the genuine lovers of Mr President and APC stalwarts loyal to the reelection bid of President Muhammadu Buhari, to brace up for the challenges ahead and never to underrate to the sophistication of Senator Bukola Saraki at calling bluffs of his opponents and engage in crude strategies to have his way.
There is no dispute on the truth that every potent drug has an expiry date, a study of the Machiavellian tendencies of Senator Bukola Saraki is capable of taming him and his ilks, attempting another political stunt to seek self-glory. It is hoped that the strategists of this administration and APC think tanks loyal to Mr President will not be cajoled to think Senator Bukola Saraki has a permanent friend within the APC fold, he belonged to the category of permanent loyalist of President Olusegun Obasanjo whose political dictates he follows without questioning at every point in time.
When President Olusegun Obasanjo supported Late President Umaru Yar’adua in 2007, Senator Bukola Saraki was an arrowhead until President Obasanjo had issues with President Goodluck Jonathan in 2014 and he supported his direction again in 2015 and now that President Obasanjo is against President Muhammadu Buhari, Sen. Bukola Saraki will never oppose his master accused of rigging him into prominence against Gov. Muhammadu Lawal in 2003, more reason why Saraki has always opposed presidential bid of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar despite their closeness.
Whosoever President Obasanjo supports, Senator Bukola Saraki must support and whosoever he oppose must be opposed, that’s the secret of Senator Bukola Saraki’s political sophistication.
By Comrade Adebisi Yusuf, Ag. Convener of the Greener Nigeria Movement
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