Clinton slams Republican anti-Muslim rhetoric

Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Monday slammed the Republican’s anti-Muslim rhetoric, calling it “wrong, shameful and dangerous”.


Hillary Clinton kicked off her two-day swing in Iowa by slamming Republican rhetoric on Muslims and supporting President Obama’s next steps toward gun reform.

Mrs Clinton, speaking at a rally in Davenport, Iowa, said she’s reacted negatively to what the ‘other side’ is saying against Muslim-Americans, calling the Republican rhetoric “wrong, shameful and dangerous”.

The Democratic presidential candidate also threw her support behind President Obama as he prepares to take executive action to tighten background checks and existing gun laws.

She said: “You know one of the reasons that I’ve reacted so negatively to what I hear coming from the other side is not only what they are saying about Muslims is wrong and shameful, it’s dangerous.

“Basically they’re saying, we don’t want your help stopping these terrorists, we want to treat you like you don’t belong here.

“We want to make you feel uneasy about picking up the phone and calling the FBI or calling the local police.

“That’s foolish, it’s shortsighted and we need to have the kind of cooperation that will enable us to prevent attacks and that’s why we all need to be united not divided to deal with the terrorist threat”.


SOURCE: The Telegraph

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